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Worship: Revelations from Unlikely Places

I’ve never wanted to be a praise leader.  I’m not the type of person to delve into a position where I do not feel confident in my abilities to do a stellar job (it’s my complete A-type personality…either I do it well, or I don’t do it at all).  Musically, I am less than adequate.  Spiritually, my faith doesn’t seem to compare to the “great” praise leaders.  Overall, I’m the least likely candidate for this job…and yet, God seems to put me in this position time and time again.  I have pondered what I could possibly offer as a praise leader.  I enjoy singing, yes.  But to lead a group of musicians who are so much more capable and talented than I: it seems ludicrous that I could possibly think I could lead them in anything.  This internal battle is one I have with myself every week as I drive to Midtown to lead yet another praise rehearsal – I just don’t have what it takes…so why bother?

However, on his particular rainy Saturday morning, as I was driving to Midtown (praying I would not hydroplane and crash on the sloppy roads), I began my usual pondering of what I could POSSIBLY do to help usher the worship of God.  It was while listening to the one new song we are doing this week for the 5th time that a thought came to me.  I have been watching this new Korean drama off and on about a group of teens who are aspiring to become singers.  One line from the drama really stuck in my head.

“It’s not about choosing the song you want to sing.  It’s about deciding what you would like to have your audience hear.” (loosely translated)

It dawned on me in the car: leading worship is not about choosing the “right song” and coming up with the “right arrangement”.  It’s about deciding what I would like to say to my “audience of ONE” through the songs and arrangements.  And Saturday rehearsals are nothing more than preparing the “song” I want my King of the universe to hear from me!

It makes sense…throughout my stint as part of praise teams/praise leading, I have heard a plethora of ways to view worship. 

“Worship is a prayer!”

“You need to choose songs that relate to the sermon.” 

“Worship is about God, not about sounding good in front of a crowd!”

…and so on and so forth…

All of these snippets of worship wisdom leads me to the conclusion that worship is our side of a conversation with God!! We are declaring our love, devotion, and thanksgiving to Him.  We are proclaiming to Him and to one another just how awesome He is.  We are before the throne of God, singing with the heavens, and giving praise and worship to Him who looks upon His Son’s sacrifice and deems us holy by what He has done.

So as we are about to embark upon another Sabbath, remember that church is NOT just something to go to on a Sunday morning.  It is your opportunity, in a congregational setting, with as much fanfare as we in our sinfulness can muster, to commune with the Lord of all!

Praise Him!

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