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…I See the King of Glory…

Having been at this conference for the past couple of days, it has come to my attention that I have become one of the most narrow-minded Christians I know.  Assuredly, I am confident in my salvation and I don’t doubt that I am nothing more than a wretched sinner redeemed…and that everyone else in the world has been given that same gift and is precious in the Lord’s eyes.  I know my God is a powerful God, and my God is a God who provides.  However, my perception of this God, I realize, is too small to encapsulate just how powerful, gracious, loving, and AWESOME He is.

The ACMI “Re-Entry” Conference is a conference catered to the ministers of International Students and, in many cases, the international missionaries themselves.  The purpose of this conference was to give these ministers tools and a new perspective on mission work…to train international students in our own U.S. college campuses to “re-enter” their home countries and share the gospel and grow the Christian communities there.

…and all of these people have a much greater perspective on 
the Gospel of Christ than I ever could dare to imagine…

They speak of “absurd” ideas like a “Christian China”.  They believe in the changing of the course of history through these students turned ministers of the Gospel.  They dream of the Gospel finally reaching full circle around the world…from Jerusalem to Europe to the Americas to Asia…and back to the birthplace of the Gospel: the Middle East.  And all of these absurdities are happening as I type these words.

…the message of Christ is already moving powerfully…
and so many of us are getting left behind!!

My understanding of God’s plan is so limited…so narrow…and being here has truly “opened my eyes to the things unseen” in my day to day life.  I’m seeing God’s glory reaching to the ends of the earth and back.  I’m hearing testimonies of His Gospel changing lives and changing entire nations of people.  I’m experiencing the Spirit that is driving these missionaries and ministers to do these things in His Name.

I see a generation rising up to take Christ to the ends of the earth.
And I see that, perhaps, the time of Christ’s return is truly close at hand.
It is time for us all to rise up and take our place in these exciting times.  Here in our comforts and trappings, we need to cry out to the Lord for His hand to change our perspective on Him and His plan…and, perhaps, that He would reveal His plan for all of us as well.

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