…the Last Night…

Twenty years culminates into a frenzy of packing, cleaning, loading, and more cleaning.  The past twenty-four hours have been insane as we prepare for our big move to the colder Midwest.

How does it feel?  I don’t know yet…despite the large, echoing, empty house, my departure from my hometown has yet to sink in.  I suppose once we get outside Georgia borders I will finally fully realize this life-changing event (either that or when I’m breaking my back trying to unload the 24 ft Budget truck with InChul).

But I know that I have many people to thank…not just for their help to pack up for the move…but thank for making the past two decades of my life memorable ones.  All the way back to the Onnuree Pres days (Michael, Vena, Soo Yeon, James, Woo Ram, Stephanie, David Kim, Linda, Deborah, Ada, Steve, Pyung, Jae, and Jon) to the SaeHan era (Angela, David Lee, David Park, Sang, Yunmi, Helen, Hannah, Dinah, Helen, Dave Jundo, James Jundo, and all those who came after), along with all the fond memories of elementary and high school.  Then there was college (Emorites…you know who you are…no time to list everyone), followed by the NCA Intown days, moving to CCA, and now at St Paul’s.  Then, of course, there was Piedmont College and Jackson County and East Jackson Comp High Schools. 

There have been so many people who have walked with me and have altered my life just a little bit…making me into the person I am today.  Without a doubt, the South has treated me well, and the memories I carry from this place will always and forever be cherished.

…*choking up*…hold on…I need a moment…
Within the next month, once we’re somewhat settled into our new life in the Land of the Spartans, I will be spending some blog-time focusing on specific eras of time since coming to Georgia in 1991.  Hopefully, I will be able to address and thank as many individuals and groups as I can.
But for now…I bid you all adieu…’til we meet again!!

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