An Atlantan in a Foreign Land…and Thoughts of Home…

So the letters are officially back online, now that we access to the World Wide Web once more.

It’s been an interesting week…with the packing, unpacking, driving, unpacking, and organizing, it’s been impossible to sit down and really begin to ponder the life-changing event that just took place.

Many of you have sent kind words through Facebook (thank goodness for smart phones!  without my Galaxy S, I wouldn’t have had ANY contact with those back home), and I thank you all for your good wishes, prayers, and the like.  Being able to hear from everyone (well, at least READ from everyone) has been an amazing comfort and provided more ease in the transition.

So thank you all!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
In recent days, I have had the chance to truly ponder about my life in Atlanta…the heat, the HUGE portions of food that would leave us satisfied and THEN SOME (doggie bags, anyone?), the southern hospitality…I have pondered these things mainly because they are not to be found here in Michigan (ok, maybe SOME heat…but I won’t complain, considering my friends and family are still dealing with unbearable 95+ degree weather).  The food is good, the people amicable, and the coolness of night lulls us to sleep (we like to keep the windows open and the A/C off when it’s not raining).  But the first few meals we ate here in Michigan were less than filling (considering we were used to the massive “could feed at least two people comfortably” helpings) and after a short, kind hello, people move on with their lives.
Needless to say, we will have to deal with some culture shock once our lives starts kicking it into high gear from here.  
But more than these minor lifestyle changes, what we miss the most is the people.  
We found it odd that it was the weekend and we didn’t have a “Joe Kim” or a “Daeywi Son” or a “Meiven Fan” to call up and ask what they were planning on doing.  It was odd to plan a golfing trip without sending out mass emails to the usual suspects, asking who wanted to play and when (which would then lead to an onslaught of emails going back and forth).  And it was odd to think that we didn’t have a group of St Paulians to ask “Where are we going for lunch?” and then stand around for another 45 minutes as Merf would badger me with “DECIDE!!” which would promptly be answered by me with an “I DON’T KNOW!!”  Then, once we DID decide, dealing with whether we should carpool, walk, or go on ahead and save a seat while Jasper counted the offertory (and Bonnie would wait until he was finished).  It was odd to actually feel like going walking/running in this wonderfully cooler Michigan summer weather and not have Stephanie to text with a “Wanna go walk?  YEEEEEP!”  It’s also odd to know that a lot of the people I would FOREVER be trying to meet with, but was never under too much pressure to come up with a time because they were always THERE, are not longer there (Sylvia…Janet…Linda…so many!!).  And we can’t just randomly plan a weekend trip to EunYoung’s place just three hours away in South Carolina (now, we’re over 10 hours apart…WAAAAAHHHH!!).  It’s sad to think how many more times I could have, SHOULD HAVE, made an effort to meet with people and didn’t.  And most of all, it’s REALLY strange to me that my family is no longer just a 20-25 minute drive away…that I can’t just up and see my dad/brothers/sisters (not saying I did very often…but now I regret taking that for granted too).
It’s the everyday events with the everyday people, now suddenly gone, that seems to leave the greatest void in our lives.  The St Paul’s worship team and staff…our weekend buddies…our families…our closest girl/guy friends we can randomly text/email to do whatever with…all in all, what seemed to be the most mundane moments are now the ones I want back.  
But life goes on…and we all move on to build new mundane moments 
(that we will hopefully not take for granted). 
So to all our friends and family back in Atlanta…I wish you all well and hope to see you sooner than later.  Who knows where three to six years time will take us…but I know the adventures we face (and those we face them with) will definitely bring many more fond memories into our lives.  And maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to make some of those new memories together again!
From the Land of the Spartans…missing you all!!
Lydia      =)

“Beam me up, Scotty!”  (Me in Downtown Detroit)

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