Teaching is more than a profession…it’s a PASSION! 

Everyone is taught something new on a day to day basis.   It may be a figuring out faster route to work, discovering a new coffee place a few blocks over that serves the best coffee EVER, or maybe even uncovering a hidden talent that we never knew we had.   We are taught everyday by situations we encounter, experimentation (trying new things), and by the people we interact with at work, home, and of course…

…SCHOOL!!  And lo and behold, I am so blessed as to being honored with the title “TEACHER” in a formal school setting.  Like many others who work in the profession, I am one who takes this title and occupation seriously…maybe a bit TOO seriously at times.  The teacher’s mind is always bombarded with the need to come up with innovative learning experiences, learn about new tools and research on instruction, serve and care for the students who walk into our classrooms, and share our thoughts with one another (and anyone else who will give us the time of day) on governmental policies that govern the profession.  The workday is not limited to the confines of the 8 to 5 timetable or the walls of the school building.  Teaching is our LIVES, and we are constantly working to better ourselves as educators, honing our skills, creating lessons, and learning new ideas and practices in our craft.

So join me in a quest to understand the inner mind of “TEACHERS,” and all that is involved in our trade.

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