A Surprisingly Summery September (a.k.a. The Ans’ Autumn Antics)

Insert students here!
Happy Back-to-School Month!!

As of Tuesday of next week (September 6th), the adolescent population of Michigan will begin a new school year.  It seems that so many of the kids who have been away on vacation with their families, indoors growing pale from lack of sunlight and too much tv or video games, or simply getting up late has begun to emerge to the outdoors with their parents to run around, ride bikes, or go fishing in the tiny lake behind out apartment…RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW!!  Being the unemployed bum that I am, I usually awaken around 10am to the sound of clarion young folks shouting and producing ear-piercing shrieks that jolt me from my peaceful slumber.

Verily, it is for these (and their summer hoopla) that the bell tolls…the school bell, to be precise.


Of course, we cannot forget our neighborhood college folks.  Now that MSU classes have commenced (marked by an array of fireworks that lit the skies Tuesday evening), our apartment complex is once again filled with the antics of college coeds who seem relatively quite on the weekdays (thank goodness).  Being in my early 30’s now (sounds so weird to admit it), I feel ages removed from the college scene, to the point where I can see myself becoming that grumpy older neighbor who complains about all the partying going on upstairs…downstairs…across the hall…down the hall…(OMG!  We’re SURROUNDED!!)  But so far, being a ways off campus, the college students have been good to us noise-wise, and I am more than grateful.

…wait…wrong twin…
But for those of us who are unaffected by the bringing in of the new school year (yes, I have given up hope that I will be teaching this school year), we go about our days in the same routine.  InChul is now starting his third month of his intern year – cardiology elective (which means regular hours, with weekends off save one, but puts him on sick coverage).  He has gone through two pretty tough months (first in ICU, the second in Firm/Inpatient), but his hard work (and your prayers, no doubt) has been fruitful.  It seems he has built up a VERY good rapport with his seniors and attendings (several absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE him).  He has received both direct and “through the grapevine” communications that they are pleased with his work and progress.  In fact, he was awarded the “Resident of the Month” award for August (he and one of his co-interns were made co-ROTM).  The encouragement has been good for him…I have never seen him working so hard not only at work, but at home as well.  He has been assigned 3 major presentations (on top of his regular morning reports) and has completed one, will complete one this morning, and has another BIG one lined up for September 15th.  It seems his gray matter has become a bit grayer because his procrastination tendencies seems to have given way.  He’s actually working every night on getting his reading, presentation preparations, and other research done.  It’s a side of him that I have not seen before…and it shows that he truly IS in the right field for him.  He really does enjoy practicing medicine.
Obviously, he’s not a fan…
As for myself, I am yet looking for employment (at this point, ANYWHERE will do).  I have applied to many administrative jobs, a couple of positions at PetSmart, and even an Activities Aide position at a retirement home.  It’s pretty slim pickings, and it’s got both of us a bit worried (we really do need a second income).  So I continue applying to whatever jobs I can, try to scrape up some connections through InChul, and pray that something will come along soon.   However, I am keeping busy while I’m out of work as well.  My GRE is scheduled for September 9th, so I have been trying my best to prepare for it.  The plan is to score high enough to get into the PhD program, preferably at MSU and maybe even at U of M (Univ of Michigan, that is).  Either way, it gives me something to work for and, perhaps, put me back into the education field (though in a slightly different way).
And, of course, all of you are quite familiar with the fact that a lot of my time is taken up by this “couponing” business.  Yes, it seems I have settled into a routine and have figured out how to get some pretty good deals.  Now that I have a stockpile started, my need to purchase certain items has dissipated, and I can simply buy things that are dirt cheap, if not FREE, that we can use later (non-perishables mostly).  It’s saved us SO much money already, and I can only hope to save us much more down the road.  
Brothers reunited!!
In other news, we had our first out-of-town visitors this month.  Obviously, if you’ve been keeping up with Facebook, you know that the Georgetonian brother-in-law (and friend) invaded East Lansing for a weekend.  It was kind of tough trying to show them around when we ourselves have only been here a couple of months (and with InChul’s work schedule, have seen very little of the local attractions).  However, we were able to do some fun things…from visiting the MSU Dairy Store TWICE (yum! ice cream), to dumpster diving for coupons (MC has NO FEAR!), to golfing (duh!), and a trip to Ann Arbor (infringing on “enemy” territory).  But simply having people to interact with regularly for those three days was wonderful.  After all, with InChul working, spending days alone with only Hudson to talk to can get nerve-wracking.  We hope to have many more people come and visit us…and now that we have a better handle on some of the attractions, we will do better in the recreational department.

Some more photos of our time together…

Golf buddies reunited!!
At Sawyer’s Gourmet Pancake House…AWESOME pancakes!!
Welcome to Ann Arbor, MI!!
Google Headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI
Thirsty on a warm August day…

Happy Hudson!!

And, of course, no blog is complete without an update on our friendly, family canine HUDSON!!  Hudson has completely adjusted to life here.  And his puppiness is all but gone…he doesn’t chew what he’s not supposed to chew (with the exception of a piece of paper here or there), he is calmer at home, and he actually settles down by our feet while we work in the office.  He obviously still has a ways to go (still jumps on new people and STILL growls and barks at minors), but it seems he is growing into a fairly secure, stable, and happy adult dog.  He has a mind of his own (stubborn…but he’s a hound, and it’s in his blood) and we love him to death.

So until next time, good luck to all the students out there who have either already begun or are about to begin the 2011-2012 school year!  Good luck to all who are out there in the workforce, workin’ hard for your money!  And good luck to all of you who, like me, are still looking for a job (darn economy)!!

Best wishes!

Lydia    ❤

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