Giving Thanks

We Are Not Home Yet…

Another day of our journey home…

I was reading my good friend Stephanie’s blog this morning as part of my devotional (wanted to actually talk to her on the phone, but didn’t happen because technology is SO unreliable!!).  One thing I love about my times talking to this sweet friend of mine is that she always points me to hope and love no matter how tough times are for either of us.  She is a sweet, sweet sister in Christ and I miss her dearly while in Michigan.

One of the things she posted today that really encouraged me this morning is the idea that we all are going to struggle while living in this world.  I’m sure this seems like a real downer, but in truth, it encourages us to seek someone who is greater than our struggles…and that person is the one that bring us true hope and joy.

A quote from her blog (hope she doesn’t mind…it’s just to good!!)…

Our land of promise is not a place, but a person: Jesus. 
He is our hope in troubled times, our source of strength, 
peace, and joy. He is faithful. He will carry us home 
someday. Until then, Psalm 37 is our prayer. (Staples, 2011)
And until we are “home” again with Christ, we place out hope and trust in Him to bring us out of hardship in ways that are beyond our comprehension (we may not always understand His methods, but we trust He knows what He’s doing).  
Staples, Stephanie. Stephologie update. Retrieved September 24, 2011, from

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