November Nears, and Life Kicks into High Gear!!

We ARE Spartans!  AH-OO!  AH-OO!

October was definitely a month of blessings upon blessings (and I’m not just talking about the chocolate and goodies that is associated with the month).  If there ever was a doubt that God was looking out for us, October has completely destroyed any trace of it.  And while my hopes in a Tigers v. Cards World Series were dashed (the Tigers just couldn’t deliver), I still think fondly back to the last four weeks of changes…but GOOD changes!

My humble workspace!  😀

First off, everyone probably knows by now that I have officially begun working here in East Lansing, MI.  While it wasn’t what I had expected (had been praying for a teaching job), it ended up being SOOOOOO much better than anything I could have hoped for.  I now work as an Administrative Assistant at the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine (the fact that my husband is a doctor of osteopathic medicine is DEFINITELY not a coincidence…I think they hired me partly because I’m familiar with their philosophy).  I’m working with Academic Programs (which is part of the Office of the Dean) and focus most of my energies to given administrative support to the evaluative processes of the Clerkship Program (which includes scheduling, grading, maintaining grades, reporting grades, and other aspects of making sure that the 3rd and 4th Year DO students are learning in their rotations and get their business taken care of so they can graduate).  While the job is intense and sounds somewhat different from my teaching background, it really is a job I can see benefiting me in my ultimate goal – to work in educational policy (politically, that is).  I get a glimpse of the administrative aspect of a curriculum, seeing if and how the evaluative measures used in this program both reflects learning and acts as a learning mechanism.  There are so many new evaluative measures use here at MSU-COM that I can TOTALLY see also working at the K-12 level as well (granted, there’s less funding at the K-12 level).  Plus, I have the opportunity to sit in on and help in the revision of the Clerkship Curriculum altogether…so I get to see the inner-workings of exactly what we are expecting these DO students to learn and the way we’re going to get them to learn it.

All in all, it’s a fascinating angle of 
education that I am excited to be in!

In other news, InChul and I have finally decided on a church home while we are here in Michigan.  I’ve finished going through membership classes (InChul couldn’t because he was on Night Float) and have also “auditioned” for the worship team at the new church.  I think that even MORE than finding a job, finding a church home has offered me more peace and security about being here so far from most of my friends and family.  Plus, I get the opportunity to FINALLY build new friendships here (both at work and at church).  The prospect of living here for the next possibly six years doesn’t look so grim anymore.
And to all of you who prayed on my behalf…THANK YOU!
InChul has completed his Night Float rotation (and yes, it did completely wipe him out) and has started another month of Firm.  It is an intense rotation with so many patients to round on PLUS having to go to clinic on Mondays – but the regular daytime hours are something he really does appreciate.  He is definitely feeling more seasoned as a doctor, and I can see that he is getting comfortable with his work and the program.  Apparently, some of the students that I work with at MSU-COM thinks they have run into him at Sparrow (which is one of our base hospitals for the Clerkship program).  I’ll have to ask them what kind of an “adjunct faculty member” he is (yes, he is considered MSU faculty, and I’m kind of jealous).  Also, it seems a couple of GAPCOM people are (or have) interviewed with the MSU residency program, and InChul is trying to get them acquainted and give them an overview of what it’s like to be an intern at Sparrow.  So lots of opportunities for him to influence and teach (wow…InChul teaching??) the up-and-coming 1st year residents.
So much has changed within the past month…and life in Michigan is definitely different now that we are both working.  But we’ve also spent some time going out and doing fun stuff.  Being football season (and both of us being such sports fanatics), we’ve gotten swept up into the tidal wave that is Spartan football fanaticism.  Every Saturday, all we see are green sweatshirts (admittedly, we also revel in the dark verde garb that is Spartan fan gear) and people chanting “GO GREEN!  GO WHITE!”  The most obvious venue in which we were faced with the incessant back-and-forth delivery of this chant was at the Wisconsin @ Michigan State game on October 22nd.  It was our first time experiencing college football in full force.  It was hard NOT to jump up and scream as that final call was made…”After further review, the ball did break…” (enter roar of the fans that drowns out whatever the ref was trying to say).  I never knew how exciting college football could be (having gone to Emory where intramural flag football is the closest we’ve come to collegiate football), and I really do love it (DON’T TELL INCHUL!!).

Here are photos and videos from this past month of revelry…

We have arrived!!
Seated…and eagerly awaiting the kick-off!!
Needless to say, the band was impressive…
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
Hudson’s TOO BIG Spartan Jacket!
So our furry little friend is still doing well.  It’s getting colder outside (and inside to some extent), and it seems Hudson likes the cold no more than his mama does (and that’s a HUGE DISLIKE for the BRRRRR!).  But he makes do by snuggling into his blanket while sleeping in his crate or getting tucked into the big bed by daddy on cold mornings/nights.  So he’s learning to deal with the cold…and we try to take him outside as much as possible (with our time constraints, it’s tough) when the weather gets fairly decent outside.  I have a feeling, though, that the Michigan BLAHS! are around the corner…and Hudson is no less susceptible to them than we are.  So hopefully, frequent trips to Annabelle’s (once a week at least) will help him bear through the cold winter.  

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
So now we embark upon November…as the temperature drops and we begin layering on more and more clothing…knowing that there’s a lot more in store for us here in Michigan…new adventures to be had and announcements to make.
So until next time, stay warm! 
Lydia    =) 

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