Update: 8 Months and Going Strong!!

Greetings to all of our friends, domestic and abroad!!  It’s been 8 months (and a few days) since we arrived in East Lansing, MI…and here’s how we’re doing thus far!!
It seems that our lives here in East Lansing, MI have hit the gas pedal and are kicking into high gear.  Now that we have a good 8 months under our belts (has it been that long ALREADY??), we have fully adjusted to the idea that Michigan is now our home (at least for the next 6+ years).  InChul is fully acclimated to his hectic residency schedule (and enjoying it immensely).  He’s really excited about his plans for the years to come while in this program – considering the elective rotations he would want to take, requesting away rotations, thinking about moonlighting during PGY 2 and 3 (can definitely use the extra cash flow), and slowly making decisions on post-residency opportunities (namely what fellowship program he would like to apply for).  In the meantime, his rapport with his peers, seniors, and attendings continues to grow – we’re definitely taking it as a sign that he’s on the right track and in the right place for this phase of his career. 
I have hit Cruise Control on my own job here at Michigan State University – College of Osteopathic Medicine (MSUCOM).   I’m still not completely confident in my abilities here, but I’m starting to become more and more independent in my abilities to perform the general tasks associated with this job (before, I couldn’t make a decision or give students advice without starting a massive email chain of questions…which isn’t a bad thing, but I’m sure these people have their own jobs to worry about).  The biggest aspect of the job I’m still adjusting to is the amount of flexibility I apparently have.  I’m used to a lot of structure and rigidity in schedule, and the lack of that here (i.e. the idea of “flex time”, the lack of constant supervision and status updates, etc) doesn’t always sit well with me.  I’m a self-confessed über-workaholic – my dad’s bad about it, and I picked it up from him.  I don’t feel comfortable not being at work and not being busy with tasks the entire time I’m there.  The cyclical nature of my work doesn’t help either.  I’ve hit a point in the year where the work flow has almost come to a grinding halt (l feel like I’m on auto-pilot with the few week-to-week tasks I have left).  Recently, I’ve spend a lot of time at my desk simply WAITING for emails to jump on and respond to (my Inbox has been empty for the past 3 hours).   This definitely does not sit well with me and makes me feel less than productive.  But in talking to Brandy (the person I replaced…who herself moved onto bigger and better things), this is normal and I shouldn’t worry.  I try to allow that to ease my mind…but it doesn’t always help.
However, I will apparently be singing a different tune come May, when the end of one school year and the beginning of another will leave me chained to my desk until the end of July.  I will probably be a lot whinier in my blogs once that time comes.
I’ve also officially applied for membership at Trinity Church (just need to wait for the eldership vote) and am looking into connecting with the community there even more (InChul will wait until his schedule calms down a bit more…maybe sometime during 2nd or 3rd year of residency).   I’ve joined the Worship Team as one of the many vocalists (we’re talking MASSES…we maybe get to sing with the team once a month or two).  I love working with these people…they are so talented and so easy-going.  They have a similar sense of humor as me, and we’re always teasing and joking with one another.  And allowing others (who are FAR more qualified, let me tell you) to take care of the mechanics of putting the week’s set and musicality of each song together makes it a relatively stress-free experience, and I am learning on a whole new level what worshipping the Lord really means! 
On top of worship, I’ve been prayerfully considering also joining the Youth Ministry here at Trinity.  One thing I miss the most about teaching is being able to connect with and connect with youth.  At work, while I do work with medical students, being in charge of the Clerkship Program, I only get to “connect” with students via email and a few moments here and there at Orientation sessions.  So perhaps God is telling me that it’s time to fill that void by ministering to students again through Trinity.  I’m not jumping on this yet…still trying to gauge my time commitments and whether God really wants me to move in that direction.  Praying…praying a lot…
And, of course, spending time with our MSU (Sparrow) resident buddies makes time fly by.  It seems we spend almost every weekend partying (well, our version of partying) with these characters.

Being the only person working in a non-medical field does have it’s disadvantages (namely being left out of 80% of conversation because I’m NOT a resident doctor at Sparrow), but these folks are simply fun to be with!!  Bowling, basketball, board games…and even activities that DON’T start with the letter B…we’ve spent a lot of time getting to know these people outside of the hospital (how else will I get to know them!), and they are a HUGE part of what makes Michigan truly feel like home now.

So, in summary, life here in Michigan is wonderful (despite the colder weather).  It all comes down to the truth that God has been (and continues to be) TRULY good to us!!

Until next time…all you Georgians, enjoy your 50 to 60 degree weather…those in Korea, stay warm and safe…we here in the Midwest will try to survive the (abnormally high) 30 to 40 degree weather and weekly snow flurries. 

Lydia    ❤

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