Pre-Spring Salutations (GET THIS SNOW OUTTA HERE, ALREADY!!)

Would LOVE to be there right now…

Greetings, family and friends!  I hope the winter blahs are not keeping you down (except all of you in the Southeast…I hear you are having some NICE 70+ degree weather down there…JEALOUS!!).  I had thought that winter would drag this year (especially dealing with freezing winters for the first time).  Lo and behold, we have arrived in the month March, and SPRING is just around the corner!  HOORAY!!

One thing I’m really looking forward to is having a lot more closet space…since the bulky winter clothes will be migrating to our storage closet downstairs, and the lighter, thinner Spring/Summer wear will be making its way back into their home in our bedroom.  I’m ESPECIALLY DYING to get the winter coats cleaned and put in storage.  A couple of the major hazards of winter-wear we had to face this year include (but are not limited to) bent closet clothes bars and broken clothes hangers (I think at least a dozen lost their lives in service to keeping our closets…rooms…LIVES…organized).     
Take heart, our closet-organizational friends!  
The end of the bitter fight is near!

In other news (outside of the war being waged in our overcrowded closets), the An family will be making our way to “The Big Easy” for the FIRST TIME this Spring.  It seems that InChul’s research/abstract writing skills from yesteryears still linger within him (Yerkes Research Center, be proud!) because he had an abstract accepted by the American College of Physicians to be presented at their conference on Friday, April 20th.  While I have no earthly clue of the contents of this supposedly FASCINATING article, I see it (and poster that is allegedly forthcoming) as my golden ticket into the city of New Orleans, LA, where I will spend the weekend perusing the city with him whenever he’s not obligated to attend ACP functions.  I’m sure it is more than coincidental that the trip falls on the weekend right before my birthday (especially since I’m at work until 8:00pm on my actually birthday), so I plan to enjoy it as much as possible (without getting arrested or making a fool of myself…hehehe).

Of course, there will be photo evidence of our endeavors in The Big Easy,
and will be posted shortly thereafter.   Stay tuned!

Hello!  😀

March not only means that Spring slowly approaches, it also means the end of an era for me.  I have awaited this moment for six years, and can’t believe that it’s finally here.  It took a lot of hard work, tears, and toil, but after 72 months, it seems that I finally…FINALLY have paid off the loan on my car.  YAY!!  March 1st actually marks the very last payment on my Corolla, and they should be sending me my title shortly after. While it would be nice to upgrade to a new car (probably of the SUV variety), now that I’ve actually fully paid for this vehicle, I feel an odd attachment to it.  It really does feel nice to own something like this knowing that it belongs to me…and that no debt is attached to it.

I’ll most likely be driving this car until it’s ready to be crunched…
but I love the idea that it is MINE, and not the bank’s!!
Now that some cash flow has been freed up by this momentous event, I’ve kicked our efforts to budget and be fiscally conservative into high gear.  Hopefully just because we have a little more money every month, we won’t increase our spending (if anything, my goal is to CUT spending by at least 50%…and more as time goes on).  
There’s so much to be thankful for…and it seems God is giving us more and more every day.  I don’t know why, among the billions, God decided to show us favor.  I am forever grateful He’s watching over us.

Until next time…when hopefully the weather will be much warmer, our closets a bit lighter, and our spending a WHOLE LOT LEANER!!

Lydia    =)

PS:  I have officially “married” my “Too School for Cool” blog into “Letters from Lydia”.  I realized that I’m bad enough with the upkeep of ONE blog…trying to have two would be ludicrous for me.  You can find all of the “TCFS” blogs in the archive here.

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