In the Spring, One’s Fancy Turns to Thought of…Spring Cleaning???

Stone Soup by Jan Eliot (from http://www.gocomics.com/)

I don’t know what it is about Spring here in Michigan.  In Georgia, I never had this sudden urge to clean the house from top to bottom when the weather began to show signs of Spring (but then, the winters weren’t quite as cold and the spring a WHOLE LOT HOTTER in Georgia).  Whatever it is, it seems that my domesticity has kicked into high gear, and I have laid down plans for off-and-on Spring Cleaning within the next two weeks (best I could do…with work, March Madness, and church getting the way).

I suppose the “cleaning-bug” comes from the newness we feel going into a whole new season.  Going into Fall and Winter, I usually don’t get the urge to turn my abode into a “Better Homes” model home.  But with Spring, the return of warm days, cool breezes, singing (quacking…honking…) birds, my psyche feels as if it as awakened to a new life…and I do NOT want to be living this “new life” in a squalid pigsty!  In a clean home, I WANT to cook, clean, launder, and organize.  In a cluttered one…I’d rather just stay in bed and ignore it.

So to keep myself (and the husband) fed, clothes, and as SANE as possible, a clean apartment is a necessity.  

The first phase of the cleaning process is almost complete – the general cleaning.  One thing I’ve learned when it comes to cleaning is don’t try to clean and organize at the same time!  It becomes so overwhelming, and when one becomes overwhelmed, that’s when they call it quits or become unbearable to live with.  We have done general picking up, vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, and laundering for 6 of 8 areas thus far.  I will tackle the office and the master bathroom (the two rooms left) on Sunday, but for the most part, the apartment is already looking great and feeling so good (the air in the place even seems to smell sweeter).

Phase two begins next Monday – we drop off dry cleaning, switch out our winter clothes for a Spring/Summer wardrobe (keeping a couple heavy coats and sweaters on hand…just in case), pack up items for storage, and begin to organize items into the tiny space we call home.  My hope is that I can convince the spouse that we can chuck/sell/give away some of the stuff we haven’t used/looked for/thought about for the last year…but not getting my hopes up.  Apparently, he’s a pack rat and I’m too much of a minimalist (ok, maybe we’re not THAT extreme…but we seem to be coming from two polar opposites on the topic.  Of course, this will end with another vacuum/dust/launder cycle to maintain the general cleanliness of our home.

Good luck to all out these who has caught the Spring Cleaning bug as I did.  Pace yourselves and don’t be overwhelmed.

Lydia    =)

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