MISSING: The Month of March (2012)

…it’s all a blur…

I’ve been noticing that the months are starting to gain momentum and flying by.  It was pretty shocking when 2012 hit before we even knew it…but now, we are on the cusp of April.  It leaves me asking, “WHERE DID MARCH GO???”  In a blink of an eye, it seems that 31 days of the third month of the year has completely disappeared before we even had the chance to realize February had ended.  I suppose it’s true…that as you grow older, time seems to speed up before you have time to catch your breath.

Alas, we can do little more than stare incredulously as we wipe March 2012 into the past (and off of our dry erase calendar) and welcome the month of first day deceit, celebrating the arrival of a special, dyed egg wielding Oryctolagus cuniculus, and, best of all, the arrival of warmer temperatures.  April, without a doubt, is one of my favorite months (being my birthday month only adds to my love of April).

Probably one of the reasons March sped by is because there wasn’t much going on amongst the An family.  Our lives has consisted of working, eating, sleeping, more working, hanging out with friends…all in all, not much excitement or new events to speak of.  The most notable event of the month for us was probably our decision to sign the lease agreement to stay at Castle Pointe Apartments for another year.  It was that slow of a month.

We really do need some excitement in our lives.  Even the New Orleans trip that we had planned for this month fell through (mainly due to INSANELY HIGH airfare costs).  InChul is still going, but I will be staying at home.  Paying $500 for a 2 day trip just isn’t worth it.  We’ll save our money to travel more in the summer (especially with a family trip with the in-laws in the works and two weddings to attend in Atlanta).


In other news, it seems that the Chung family has another Bulldog in their midst.  Our youngest brother Anthony apparently has been accepted to UGA for his undergraduate studies.  It seems unreal that my baby brother (12 years younger than I) is going to college now!  He’ll be experiencing that nervousness of going to a new place with new routines, meeting new people…worried about messing up or whether he will keep up in his studies…*sigh*…it seems like yesterday I was at that same stage of life.  Now, I’m a couple of months shy of a decade removed from college, married, trying to build my own family in a state I had never even dreamed of visiting, much less live in. 

…which only adds to the feeling that time flies way too quickly.  I catch myself wanting to go back, reliving my childhood, attending college all over again, and enjoying my early to mid twenties…fixing the mistakes I made, doing things I wish I had done, etc.  Alas, time does not go in the direction I want it to…on the contrary, it revs up in quite the opposite direction.  So the best we can do is savor the moments we do have, learn and remember fondly our past, and look forward to what is ahead.  There is still so much time to enjoy life and so many more things life has to offer to look forward to.

Stay hopeful, keep dreaming, and may April breathe new life into our hearts.

Lydia   ❤

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