Thoughts of Home: The Atlanta Braves Baseball Upheaval

It seems that every time I open up my Facebook or email, I’m getting some wall post/message about the fun activities I enjoyed in April back in Georgia.  One activity I get more homesick over than anything else is ATLANTA BRAVES BASEBALL.

Braves Country’s Bovine Version of the Ripped-Off, 
Somewhat Politically Incorrect Tomahawk Chop

Since 1991 (when the Braves made their run from “worst to first” and my family moved to Atlanta from North Wales, PA), I have been an avid Braves fan.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m a female, but unlike male sports fans, I don’t revel in the commentary, stats, and conversations of “who should be traded, who we should sign, which coach/manager we should fire, etc”.  My enjoyment of sports (especially baseball) derives from die hard loyalty to the team I love (screaming for joy when they win, becoming depressed or angry when they lose) and the camaraderie I feel towards the team and fellow fans.  This is probably why when my team is no longer in the playoffs (no matter what the sport), I’m not as excited about watching the games (I’d rather give up watching the sport for the rest of the season than cheer for another team).

Anyhoos…I digress…

Every year during baseball season, I made it a point to go to Turner Stadium to watch my Atlanta Braves play and cheer them on as much as possible.  It didn’t matter that I was in the Upper Box, barely able to distinguish one player from another (but not a problem thanks to jersey numbers and that big, booming announcer and the “at-bat” music…Crazy Train and All I Do is Win have a special place in my heart for this reason).  It didn’t matter whether I was surrounded by fellow Braves fans or fans of the “enemy”.  It didn’t matter that my team was losing (always looking to the bottom of the 8th to “come back”).  What mattered was that I was at Turner Stadium, root-root-rooting for my home team.  To not have that this year makes the summer a bit empty and sad.

Sure, I could go check out some Detroit Tigers games, but they are not my Braves.  It’s not as fun when the home team is not my team (and even the hope of having the Braves as the visiting team is pretty much nil).  One of these days, I’m going to be such a state of withdrawal that I’m going to book a $300+ flight to Atlanta, JUST to see my Braves play (I can totally see myself doing that).

So all you Atlantans who are in the thick of Atlanta Braves Baseball season, be sure to “tomahawk chop” just that much harder for your fellow fan, far away in the northern Midwest…who must settle to cheer for over-grown kitty-cats.  I wish I could be in the stands with you.

Yes…this is Braves Country…at least, a small sliver of it…

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