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Au Revoir, April~!!

Signs of Spring: BABIES!!  ❤

Salutations, friends and family!  Spring has officially sprung, and the new life that is normally associated with this change in seasons is taking Michigan by storm.  The “fake out” of early March (temperature-wise) may have wrought havoc on the agricultural sector in the area, but now that warm weather seems to be creeping back in, we are MORE than ready to get this new season OFFICIALLY underway.  It’s nice to think that I can finally start packing away the bulky sweaters and coats and bring out the lighter stuff (not to mention going to BUY some more of the lighter stuff).  It’s nice to know that freedom from layers is just around the corner…HUZZAH!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Speaking of seasons, it seems that I have crossed into another “season” of life.  For the first time in my life, the word “birthday” didn’t seem all that exciting.  In fact, the day passed relatively quietly, with little fanfare.  What’s surprising is that I was okay with that.  I was okay with the fact that this year’s birthday didn’t feel like a celebration, and quietly allowing it to pass by without the usual pomp and circumstance seemed normal.  I’m not sure if this means that I’ve reached that season in life where birthdays aren’t something to look forward to anymore…just a reminder that my time in this life is limited, and the end is approaching (actually, more like advancing towards me at breakneck speed).  I look around MSU campus and remember my own stint in undergraduate studies…and it doesn’t seem so long ago.  I feel more of a connection with students on campus than with the faculty and staff (of which I am one of).  Yet, I’ve officially been out of school for a decade (YIKES!).

When did this all happen?  When did life grow so short?
Other than the anticipation of warmer temperatures and the occasional celebratory moments, the An family is comfortably settled into the familiar of a routine.  InChul has been fairly busy at work (including a short trip to the Big Easy to present his poster at the ACP National Conference), I’ve been muddling through getting one class of medical students graduated from and another oriented to the Clerkship Program, and Hudson is being his usual semi-rowdy self.  Get-togethers with friends are common, and we all are feeling settled in our East Lansing home. 
Some examples of the An family antics…
Studly in New Orleans, LA
Hanging out with the crazy Sparrow residents
What we do for family…infiltrating enemy territory…
…no words…because our mouths are full of sushi…
Meanwhile, Hudson goes wild at Best Friends
Thus endeth the April recap (not much to share, honestly).

So what’s in store for us these next few months?  We get to uproot ourselves from our comforts and do a little traveling.  Family vacationing the week of Memorial Day, attending a wedding in Atlanta on June 16th (which gives us an excuse to take some days off to visit our Atlanta friends), a weekend trip to Chicago (if for nothing else, to pick up some much needed Korean groceries), and maybe even a weekend trip to Toronto.  Ultimately, we’re hoping to make up for the months stuck at home due to snow and ice (“cabin fever” doesn’t even BEGIN to describe the restlessness and anxiety we feel from being cooped up all winter).
Hoping to see many of you in the months to come.  CHEERS!
Lydia   ❤

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