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Summer, sun, and travel!!  WOOHOO!!

Warmer days have arrived in Michigan.  It seems that when Michiganders (yes, that is what we are called) feel the first rays of sun, they make like the birds and start flocking to the Upper Peninsula, Mackinaw Island, and Traverse City.  Apparently, these places are some of the most beautiful tourist spots the United States has to offer…and we are making it a point to enjoy Michigan and all it has to offer.  So while others are wise to flock to the cooler north in warmer weather, where are we?  We have come to the deep SOUTH, where melting in the intense heat and humidity is a threat to our livelihood everyday.  Alas, we have not seen our in-laws in almost a year, and it was about time to migrate south to see them…heat, humidity, and all.

In light of our being on the road away from our Michigan home, this obligatory monthly post may be a bit short and lack as many of the usual illustrations and other visuals I like to add.

May has been a whirlwind month.  This is probably due to the fact that work during the first three weeks of the month has been more than hectic (with getting one class of medical students graduated and another oriented to the Clerkship program).  Preparing revised protocols, revised evaluation questions, updating websites and databases, and then presenting the finer points of “surviving” the 3rd and 4th Year rotations with the new class has kept me more than busy right up until Memorial Day weekend.  Even during my vacation week, I can’t seem to get away from the onslaught of emails that is characteristic of this month, and thus I spent a good chunk of time earlier in the week chained to my laptop trying to catch up on the masses of emails (partially because many were time sensitive and to reduce the number of emails I would have to respond to upon my return to work.  InChul began his last two months as an intern at Sparrow Hospital.  Ending with a rotation in Emergency Medicine and Women’s Health leaves him with a lot of down time during these months (which, again, is why we are spending so much time now in traveling and such). 

In other news, I began to get more involved with activities and groups organized by Trinity Church, joining “Apples of Gold” (which was a six-week bible-study/cooking class in which the previous generation
 of Godly women invests time to share their experiences and train us – the new generation of women in the church.  It was fun to gain some new cooking skills while getting to know these amazing ladies.  I should have taken more photos during my stint with them…but we were having too much fun and too many great conversations that it completely slipped my mind.  *sigh*  Ah well.  I’ve also signed up to join a Small Group of women in the area, which is scheduled to restart in August.  I’m definitely looking forward to continuing my pursuit of getting to know more people within my church and in my area.

Hudson is still his usual self – slowing down a bit more as well as becoming more guarded around strangers.  It seems he is really filling his role and the resident guard dog, as he is intent on making sure his family and possessions are defended from the children who lurk outside our patio doors.  It’s hard to believe he will be 3 years old next January…he’s grown up so fast!  It’s also hard to think that he will be a full-fledged “adult dog” too.  If this is what watching children grow up is like, I’m not sure if I can take the fast paced nature of the aging child.

And so, we end the month of May – celebrating 3 years of marriage, hardly believing that we have been together that long, but (at the same time) feeling we’ve been together all our lives (the almost 7 years of dating and engagement previous to marriage probably adds to that feeling).  It’s been a wild ride with a lot of changes for both of us.  While the season of life has yet to approach for us, I’m ready to settle down and establish some roots somewhere – start a family, build a home (not the building, per se).  However, we have a few more years to go before we can even begin to think about establishing roots anywhere.  Hopefully though, we’ll at least have the “starting a family” thing underway soon.

Until next time…stay cool, drink plenty of water, and enjoy these wonderful summer months.

Lydia    =)

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