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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

Mentally OUT!!  Leave a message…

It’s taken me a while to be able to put words to paper (blog) after a whirlwind month of work and travel (exclusive of one another).  Quite literally, we were away from our Michigan home for all but one weekend in the month of June.  Simply put, it left me exhausted…and trying to string my thoughts together enough to try and compose a blog that would be even remotely comprehensible was a ludicrous endeavor (I’m not sure if I can do it even now, two weeks after the first of the month – my usual deadline).  Alas, I have delayed long enough, and whatever anxieties I feel of whether I can be coherent in my words despite my incoherent state of my mental capabilities is something that I will have to set aside.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Summer Break: Nothing But a Tepid Memory

One thing I’ve learned about working as an administrative assistant for a medical school, summer vacation is all but.  From the end of January through the end of April, work had slowed to an almost halt (to the point I was actually hoping that someone would dump a new project on me, I was so bored).  But once May hit, the workload basically doubled – getting the Class of 2012 graduated, getting the Class of 2014 oriented, and making sure the Class of 2013 finished up their Core Rotations without royally screwing themselves to the ground (which some did, unfortunately, leading to THAT much more work for us).  Once June hit, we no longer were worrying about the Class of 2012 (at least, the ones who were successfully sent out the door), but there was so much going on with setting up the Core Rotations for the new incoming class that even now (well in July), I’m NOW FINALLY catching-up on getting it all together (and I’m talking BARE MINIMUM)…only to realize I’m faced with the impending Fall Semester, and all of the summer grading and fall rotation set up I am about to face.

We continue to toil at this pace until September, when the workload will once again begin to decelerate.  However, until the work pace slows down to the point we’re able to regain sanity, I shall continue to walk through life as the undead – with a good deal of stress (though not nearly as much as when I was teaching) and the inability to get a good night’s sleep due to the stress.

Long story short, May and June were insanely busy months at work for me.  In fact, June was one of the few months where I had put in more work hours than my “resident doctor in his last month of internship” husband (for all of the 80+ hour work weeks he endured, I suppose he deserves at least one month of 20 hour work weeks).  This basically means that if we were going to spend any time traveling, June was the month to do it (also adding to fuel to the recreational fire, he had a vacation week scheduled the last week of May).

Five weeks of frivolity and frolicking into places both familiar and unfamiliar…definitely a formidable feat, to say the least.
Trip 1: Visiting the ‘Rents (May 27th – June 3rd)

We haven’t seen my in-laws/InChul’s parents in almost exactly a year, by this point, and both the visitors and visitees were excited about this trip.  The highlight of this trip was our short visit to Savannah and Hilton Head – visiting River Street, eating good seafood, and sitting by the beach.  While we didn’t get to do much in two days, it was a relaxing time and just spending time together was nice.

Almost exactly a YEAR since we’ve seen them…
Table for Two…getting out of the rain…
Saltwater Taffy from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen…YUMMY!!
Mom so glad to see her older son after a whole year!
Such a cute couple…walking along the river…
A Family Portrait…drenched in the rain…
We actually watched them on Cupcake Wars…too cool!
The “Mother Church” of Georgia (first one in the colony)
Rev. John Wesley was actually a minister here.
…one the steps of the cathedral…
…what is InChul doing??
The only photo taken at Hilton Head!!
Dinner at Chart House (Savannah, GA)
Tired after a long day…
Rare couple photo
First Chik-Fil-A in…FOREVER!!
Deer friend comes to visit in Tampa!

InChul’s new kicks bought in Tampa…ZIGS!!

Trip 2: Sweet Home Atlanta (staggered between June 14th – 21st)

The previous blog was dedicated to out time in Atlanta.  So…check it out!

Trip 3: Visiting our Neighbors to the North, Eh? (June 23rd – 24th)

We had always meant to make this trip, but finally had an excuse to get off our lazy bums and do it.  After all, Abby’s 100th Day only comes once in a lifetime!  

Across the bridge, we will officially be in Canada.
About to cross the border…PASSPORTS!!
Welcome to Ontario!!
Reason for our travels north – HAPPY 100th DAY, ABBY!!
Abby & Daeseung 삼촌
Abby and her mommy and daddy (and cousins?)
Welcome to Downtown Toronto!  Such a nice city.
Blue Jays stadium – Rogers Centre…BOOOOOOO!!
Thomas the Tank Engine moment
The CN Tower
Mounty Moose
At the top…long way down!
May not look it, but…PETRIFIED!!
Longest Street in North America!
AMAZING Chinese food for dinner…YUM!!
Brunch before heading back to the States

Trip 4: Bonjour, Pa…I mean, Chicago (June 30th – July 1st)

While the primary objective was to visit friends and do some sightseeing, being able to purchase a lot of Korean groceries for half of the price we would otherwise pay in East Lansing, MI was MORE than enough reason to make the 4.5 hour drive to “Paris on the Prairie”.   We all paid for our fun in the end…I think we all had difficulty walking for the next few days (SO SORE!!).

First things first…LUNCH!!
Our travel buddies…the Kims!
Couldn’t even finish one slice…SOOO GOOD THOUGH!
Centennial Fountain on Chicago River (we’re under it)
The Bean
Millennium Park Face Fountain
Brunch at the Palomar – Sable (Joon picked well!)
Waiting for our food
Some of the best deviled eggs I’ve EVER had!!
Architectural Tour…on the Chicago River
InChul’s new MacBook Air – a major purchase on every trip!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
After all of the traveling, both InChul and I are looking forward to staying put for the next couple of months (recover from the traveling and to allow out bank account to replenish itself after all the spending).  Re-establishing the day-to-day routine that was so violently interrupted will be something we both will enjoy (not to mention our canine baby, who spent a LOT of time in the care of boarding places around Lansing).
Until next time…stay cool, safe travels, and enjoy the summer for all its worth!!

Lydia   ❤

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