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Ya Gotta Love August!

Greetings, humans! Woof!

Greetings from the climatically confused Midwest!

It seems that Michigan can’t make up it’s mind between wanting to be like Georgia with it’s 100+ degree temperatures or rushing into Fall with highs in the lower 60’s and continuous rain.  I never thought I’d see the day that I would actually look FORWARD to chilly, rainy weather…and the past few days have been STELLAR with it’s perfect mix of precipitation and chill that allowed me to wear my loverly rain boots and a light jacket.  WOOHOO!!

Unfortunately, the weather is turning around again and temperatures have crept into the low 80’s again.  Alas, cannot complain…at least we’re not baking anymore.

[Beat] Why do I always start these things talking about weather? 
Since my last post in mid-July, the An family has spent a lot of time being homebodies (when we’re not off at work or, in Hudson case, having fun at Day Care).  I don’t know what has happened to us, whether it’s a sign we’re getting settled or just getting “old” (I use the term loosely).  We’ve even gotten to the point where dining out or picking up dinner is such a pain that we’ve become content eating from my own cooking escapades – some more successful than others.  But I have to admit that I’ve become used to – nay, actually ENJOYING – cooking and baking.  I’ve become adept in producing a moderately wide variety of both Korean dishes (like 잔치국수, 수제비, 갈비, 회덮밥, etc) and American classics (like meatloaf, roast chicken, stews/soups, etc).  I’ve gotten a kick out of how I’m able to time everything (main course, side dishes, maybe even dessert) to be done at the same time and within a shorter span of time.  I’m glad…I’ve always dreamed that my hypothetical future offspring would think that nothing else they eat tastes quite as good “mom’s cooking.”  I feel like I’m on my way towards that goal (of course, it would also involve actually HAVING kids…*sigh*).
The problem is, the more we stay at home, the less exciting news we have to share in weblogs and Facebook status updates.  A small price to pay, I suppose.
InChul is now halfway into his second month as a “senior resident”.  I don’t quite understand how he’s considered a “senior” when there’s a whole class of residents a year ahead of him.  But, I don’t question the system…I just pretend to gripe when he gets home from regular working days the same time he would be when he’s on short call (which is anywhere between 7pm and 8pm…and that’s after getting to the hospital at 7am).  But such is the nature of the ICU…patients are (REALLY) sick, and they need to be admitted, monitored, cared for, and (hopefully) discharged.  And since a lot of the new class of residents (aka the “juniors” or “interns”) are still in the initial stages of “learning the ropes,” “seniors” like InChul are also taking time to make sure the interns are learning, growing in their abilities, and becoming more comfortable with patient care at the resident level.  He is truly a busy man…but as much as he “complains” (not really) and falls asleep on the couch every night, he’s in the profession because he loves it.
Now that I’ve becoming more accustomed to my workflow and load at MSU COM, I’ve taken on a second, part-time job working with an online test prep company.  I’ve been working from home (or wherever else I have access to a computer and spare time) developing AP Microeconomics practice questions and mock exams.  So far I’ve completed one mock exam and am almost finished with a set of practice exams.  It’s tedious, time consuming work…but I enjoy it because it gives me a chance to stay somewhat connected to the “secondary education” world.  When a teacher is not able to teach (and desperately wants to), he/she will grab onto what SHARDS of the occupation he/she can.  This is my way of feeling that I’m still involved in the profession I (surprisingly) still love. 
As for Hudson, he has been attending a new day care called “Doggie Day Care and Spa” (so original).  It’s a bit pricier, but they actually have overnight care where they not only board the dogs, but they allow them to play all day (like Camp BowWow did in Duluth).  We’re willing to fork out a couple extra bucks per day for this luxury…and it seems they love Hudson, and Hudson loves them.  When I drop him off every Tuesday morning, he doesn’t even give me a second glance as he rushes through the doors to play.  A bit insulting, I guess…but I’m so glad he enjoys it.
There’s still things coming up in the next couple of months that I’m excited about.  Bekah and Minnie are coming up to Michigan to visit next week…InChul and I’ll be flying back to Atlanta for Merf and Laura’s wedding in mid-September…and lots of sporting events, weddings, and residents’ nights out to look forward to.
So until next time, keep cool and enjoy the day-to-day.  Life, no matter how routine, is beautiful!
Lydia    =)

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