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Hudson’s Robert Frost Moment

In all honesty, I’m not sure what will end up on this installment of the “Letters from Lydia” blog.  It seems the past few weeks have flown by relatively uneventfully…and with the colder weather starting to settle in, it really does a number on the mood of myself and everyone around me.

Routine…chill…grayer skies…it’s going to be a long winter, I can already tell.

So this blog will likely be very different from previous ones.  I don’t have much to say about life in Michigan this month, so I thought maybe this would be a good time to share what’s going on internally as opposed to externally (since that will likely make for a much more interesting read anyway).  Granted, I will be keeping my most personal thoughts between God and myself (and my husband too, I suppose), so don’t expect any mind-blowing revelations about the drama that is the mind of Lydia (Season 32, Episode 10).


Thoughts on Life as a Michigander & Doctor’s Wife
Yes, it’s been just under 17 months since we arrived in Michigan…and no doubt I have gotten pretty much acclimated to the idea that I will be a Michigander for another (at least) 19 months (but likely…perhaps even hopefully…longer – keeping fingers crossed for that GI fellowship).  I’ve donned the dark green and white for every major MSU sporting event, I’ve begun to become more involved with meeting and spending time with the people around me, I now have a pretty good idea the food and fun that the Lansing area has to offer (limited though it is), and I’m more than content to remain here as long as God plans for us to be here.  In fact, I think I’ve reached a point where I’m pretty much okay with living wherever God wants me to be…and perhaps that was His plan all along, bringing me here to the Midwest.  Of course, being married to a resident doctor, this is a definite MUST as far as surviving.  One must be able to graciously accept the fact that some life decisions are made for you when involved in this line of work (or married to someone in this line of work).

So all you young ladies planning on marrying a doctor because you think it’ll mean an easy life for you, there ARE sacrifices you will need to make in doing so…and if you’re not flexible in accepting changes in life whether you like it or not, don’t do it!
I don’t mind…because for me (and I may be a unique, perhaps weird case) being deeply in love with BOTH root causes of such changes makes it easy to deal with (in the form of God and husband).  It also helps that I’m surrounded by some amazing people whom I’ve come to know as friends.  They aren’t always around when I’m bored (again, most of them being doctors and busy in their profession), but when we are together, I truly feel at home with them…until they start talking about work, and I’m completely lost in the medical terminology and names of people I’ve never seen before in my life.  *sigh*
Thoughts on Family
❤  ❤  ❤  ❤  ❤  ❤
…and when I say “family,” I’m talking about the immediate – InChul and me (oh, and Hudson too…but he’s not really one to cause any melancholic brooding).  Every so often, it still comes as a bit of a shock that I’m married and living with this guy (who is the love of my life).  I’m not sure if this is normal or not, but it does make the relationship new all over again…and a bit exciting all over again!  And when people say that the work one puts in a marriage is totally worth it was so right.  While we’ve had our bumps along the way (mostly very minor), it’s given me a chance to see new sides of him that takes my breath away all over again.  It’s been almost three and a half years, and (by the grace of God) I’m still falling in love with him…which I take as a good sign. 
It’s at this point in our relationship that the topic of “expanding the family” comes up…or at least, the difficulty in doing so.  Being at a certain age, with friends getting pregnant and having babies left and right, I have to admit that it’s getting harder and harder not to get depressed by the waiting and wondering whether we’ll have the opportunity to have and raise kids of our own.  As always, I’m not one that has been particularly good about patiently waiting for the deepest desires of my heart, and this one is probably one of the toughest ones to wait for.  I’ve wanted kids for so long (my original plan being I wanted to have one before I turned 29…but of course, getting married at 29 didn’t really make that possible), so having difficulties in doing so definitely is a downer.
Thoughts on God
Alas, despite the humdrum life and feelings of sadness that comes from waiting for the next stage in our family, I have to admit I have never felt more at peace.  It amazes me that the high-strung, hot- tempered Lydia from yester-years is all but gone…a lot of what used to irk me and set me off doesn’t seem to faze me at all anymore.  I attribute some of this to maturity (or simply getting tired as I get on in years), but I know it’s mostly due to the fact that God has been working on me…chipping away at the rough edges, and smoothing out the rough patches.  Being here in Michigan and attending Trinity Church has definitely helped.  While being in a larger church is new and has it’s disadvantages, it’s forced me to be more proactive in my faith…signing up for conferences and seminars…meeting new people through groups and serving…and volunteering for events.  And in the midst of it all, He has given me a new found love of seeking after Him, which leads to a deeper understanding of Him and His purpose for me.  It’s not about where I am, what I do, or even who I was…it’s about who I am in Him, and who He has planned for me to be in Him.  When He has dominion and authority in my life and plans (and I surrender to it), contentment and peace is a natural repercussion.  And I am thankful…always…no matter the circumstances.
24 Now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy, 25 to the only God, our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen.
~ Jude 24-25
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
Until next time…keep warm, and don’t forget to be thankful in all things.
…and Hudson says HELLO!  😀
Lydia   =)

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