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The Metamorphosis: Emerging from the Pod

Hudson’s idea of fashion…

It’s taken me a long time to write this blog.  It’s not because the topic is heart-wrenching, deep, or even thought-provoking.  It’s mostly because it involves a major paradigm shift in my life that I still cannot understand as to how it came about.  I can piece together some of the telltale signs leading to this life altering phenomenon, but all in all, the emergence of this new me is quite a shock.

I’m speaking of my new found interest in clothing…and clothes shopping.  A generally superficial topic, but such drastic change that I had to blog about it.
If you had told me a short year ago that I would spend so much time and money buying articles of clothing, I would have “LOL’ed”.  Throughout my life, I have hated…no, LOATHED going clothes shopping.  Picking through clearance/sales racks, looking at shirts/pants/sweaters/skirts/dresses/etc one by one, was something my system couldn’t tolerate.  It wasn’t just the act of shopping for clothes (and the hours it took the other female members of my family to do).  My aversion to seeking new apparel was so strong, even the SMELL of new clothes made me feel nauseous (quite literally).  Granted, when I saw something I liked, I would try it on…but I was always an “if nothing catches my eye, I’m OUT OF HERE” type of shopper (and still am, truthfully).  The types of clothing I looked for was always the same.  I enjoyed being comfortable in my jeans and t-shirts (and sweatshirts) and had no use for skirts, dresses, blouses, and jackets.  Needless to say, I would warn shoppers who actually like taking time to go through rack after rack of stuff to NEVER invite me along…I would just ruin your fun.
Here are some examples of what I mean…
Overalls with baby tee…my birthday in Apr 2003…
Fave Emory sweatshirt (Apr 2005)…I wonder where it went…
Not very flattering skirt and tank top (Jul 2005)
Braves jersey, jeans, and sneakers (Apr2006)
Braves T-shirt and jeans…trust me on that (Jun 2012)
You get the drift.  Comfort and function over style and fashion.  
Alas, somewhere between summer of 2012 and now, it seems like someone flipped a switch in my head.  It could be a number of things…being bombarded with fashion forward friends (in person and via Facebook/weblogs…I have especially been inspired by my friends Shin and Gina’s blog)…not having much to do besides meandering through malls and outlets…even the fact that I lost a good 18-19 lbs (depending on how nice my bathroom scale decides to be that given morning) in the past 7 weeks…any one or combination of these events seems to have brought out the “girl” inside of me.  I am now actually rounding department stores, clothing stores, boutiques…EVEN CONSIGNMENT STORES…for pieces to add to my (all too fast) growing wardrobe.  I’ve even signed up with!  
A few of my “first attempts” at being pseudo-fashion forward…mind you I’m new at this, so don’t expect too much…
MSU IM Holiday Party
– LOFT Outlet Holiday Dress ($28)
– World Market Red Infinity Pashmina ($10)
– black tights (gift from mom)
– (not pictured) Nine West calf-length black boots ($30)
I really liked this outfit…comfortable, but still dressy enough for a holiday party.  Definitely a few notches above and beyond my usual party wardrobe. 

MSU IM “Ugly Christmas Sweater” Party
– Ann Taylor striped shirt (gift from Sylvia)
– LOFT Outlet Red Modern Skinny Corduroy Pants ($20)
– Snowflake Zip-UP Vest ($10 from Kellie’s Consignment)
– Re-Purposed World Market Red Infinity Pashmina

– Christmas Pin ($5 from Kellie’s Consignment)
– Last year’s G.H. Bass black winter boots (not pictured)
Ok…I can’t say this outfit turned out the way I envisioned…but considering the goal was to look festive in a tacky/ugly holiday sweater, I think I did alright.

The “Charlie Brown” Sweater
– LOFT Outlet sweater (-$4)
– LOFT Outlet jeans (purchased last year)
– Last year’s G.H. Bass brown winter boots

I call this my “Charlie Brown” sweater because it reminds me of the darling zigzagged yellow shirt worn by the round-headed Peanuts character.  I actually got paid to take it out of the store because I had this LOFT card with money on it (rebate?  refund?)!  InChul picked it out…and I LOVE it!  Of all of the outfits, this one definitely reflects the “old me” the most…simple, functional, comfortable.  Just happens to look somewhat pulled together the same time…more so than before, anyway.

…and this is just a taste of what has resulted from my retail rampages the past few months.  Who knew that this shopaholic beast has been laying dormant all this time, waiting to rear its ugly head?  I still have a ways to go in learning what goes well together, but the fact that I’m actually concerning myself with it is definitely something I’m getting used to.

Until next time…stay warm and enjoy your time with loved ones.  Happy Holidays!

Lydia    =)

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