Repurposing & Restructuring: Time to REVAMP!!

…amazed…truly amazed…

I just can’t seem to measure up.  Both in quantity and quality, it seems that the others who take part in this field are head over heels beyond my meager capabilities.

Ok…*deep breath*…I guess it’d be nice to know what I was speaking of…
Recently, I’ve been uncovering other blogs that have truly sparked my interest and, at times, been a balm to my bruised soul (God bless these amazing wordsmiths for their ability to do so).  I’m amazed and truly awestruck at the level of talent that people have in captivating us with their words and how they bring life to them.  It’s not just the words…oh no…it’s the stories they tell…the experiences they share…the lessons they learn (and, again, share).  Somehow, I feel my own words, my own ability to think and reflect, and my own life experiences are not shared in a way that even remotely begins to touch the level of impact that these other bloggers do. 

I’m humbled…oh so humbled…
But I’m also inspired…very much inspired… 

The original intent of this blog was to help close friends back home in on the goings on of our little family’s life here in East Lansing, Michigan.  The move from the Deep South (the Metro-Atlanta, Georgia area to be precise) was quite abrupt and left us feeling disconnected from our past life, family, and friends.  So I wanted to create an avenue that made me feel that I was still…connected…in some way.  I wanted to share this new “life” in the Midwest with those who we feel we’ve left behind…the joys, the struggles, the new experiences. 

The problem is, I don’t want to bore people with mundane activities, which is why these blogs have started to change in nature…not to mention become more sparse and long in coming.  And by looking at the declining number of readers on the stats (not saying they were all that high in the first place), I’ve realized that by neglecting the blog, I’m only sending this blog to an early grave in cyberspace.
Luckily, intervention was at hand…and all of these bloggers (may I mention WOMEN bloggers from many different walks of life) have given CPR to the dying motivation I had to keeping this thing alive.  I realize that, even in my day-to-day mundane experience, there is something to share…there is life to share…there is joy to share…there is a STORY to share.
Granted, while inspiration from other people’s blogs acts as a defibrillator (…CLEAR!), I know that keeping a blog alive will take a lot of dedication and hard work.  I’m not the most patient nor persistent person in the world.  Too many projects get started and die soon after because I wasn’t willing to give them the “intensive care” they needed.

But…perhaps…I can make another go at it.
to infinity and mild bruising
Which brings me to my ultimate decision to REVAMP this blog.  Yes, I still plan to continue the “Letters from Lydia” aspect of it (don’t worry, all 20 of you who are DYING to know what we’re up to here in East Lansing).  But there will be a lot more to share than just the activities of the day.  There are many other interests, hobbies, and life lessons that I come across that I would love to share with those who are willing to listen.
Not sure how it will all end up…but it should be an exciting journey to begin.  I really do need some excitement in my life.
Here I go…wish me luck!
Lydia   ❤

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