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Welcome to "(Trying to Be) Fashionable Fridays!"

Wow!  Two blog postings back-to-back!  Aren’t ya’ll so lucky?  
(That’s right…I said, “ya’ll”…I’m a southern girl, after all…)  

I have to admit I’m a bit shocked that I’ve had two sudden bolts of blogging inspiration so close together…it almost NEVER happens (to me, anyway)…but I suppose they make up for the dry spells along the way (of which, in my case, there are WAY TOO MANY!)

I’m sure you would much rather me get to the point instead of sitting here writing about how stunned I am about writing another blog so soon after the last one.

Just give me another moment to revel.
*moment of silence*
Okay…I’m over it…

As you all are aware (because I tend to repeat myself in my blogs about certain topics of my interest), I’ve recently fallen victim to the “fashionista” bug.  For those of you who don’t know what a “fashionista” is, it is a term used to describe a person who either designs highly fashionable apparel and accessories or someone who devotedly follows the world of high fashion.  Obviously in this blog, I’m referring to the second definition – I’m not a creator of clothing…just buyer/imitator.

…well, it’s a start…

Since I’m still a newbie, trying to figure out what looks good together and looks good on me, I’m still in the process of learning through imitation, picking up general rules of fashion along the way, and learning more about what my own personal signature style is.  It’s been a fun experience, and I’ve grown by leaps and bounds in the art of creating a wardrobe and daily outfits for myself.

It hit me today that it would be an interesting endeavor to document my progress.  Being trained as a teacher, I’ve been told to document the progress (or the regresses) of students in the classroom to help them in their learning endeavors.  Why not do the same for me…for this?  Perhaps it will help me go from imitator to realizing my own personal style and being able to put together (what I think is) a cute outfit without having to reference Pinterest all the time.

Henceforth, Fridays is now and forever (or at least until I decide to call it quits) dubbed “(Trying to Be) Fashionable Fridays”.  Once a week, I will choose my favorite outfit from that week (or my favorite fashion item purchased that week) and try my best to give some entertaining tidbits of how it all came together (or how I happened to find the favored item).

So…without further ado…the first installment of 
“(Trying to Be) Fashionable Fridays”!!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Outfit of the Week: Waiting for Warmer Weather…

This first installment’s outfit is dedicated to the person who inspired this look for me – my sister Bekah.  It’s actually not uncommon for a lot of my outfit preferences to come from my sister.  Before getting married, she was always my go-to person for wardrobe approval.  In fact, if I went shopping, I would always want to drag her along with me because I was SO NOT confident about my abilities to pick out items that would work for me.  Even now, when I’m purchasing items or putting the day’s outfit together, her voice is the voice I hear, giving me advice what seems telepathically.

She’s brilliant…truly…when it comes to stuff like this.

This particular outfit idea actually derived from another outfit that happened completely by accident.  I was visiting Atlanta at the time, and attending my sister’s church.  She was serving on the choir that particular Sunday, so I sat with her friend Hannah.  Suddenly, in the middle of the pastor’s sermon, she texts me asking me to meet her in the women’s restroom…emergency, she said.

When I met her in the restroom, she asked if I would switch my corduroy pants for her shorts (with tights).  Apparently, they have a rule on the choir that they are not allowed to wear shorts…and she forgot.  While the director said it was okay, Bekah still felt it would be a distraction to her.  So I obliged.  After we changed, one look in the mirror and I was IN LOVE with the look!  Never had I thought I could ever pull of wearing shorts with leggings (I had a blouse and blazer on top…and it looked awesome!).

Therefore…I decided to purposely recreate that look.  I like it because it reminds me of summer-wear while keeping me warm in 50 degree weather (haven’t tried it in colder temperatures than that).  These photos were actually taken last month in Atlanta, but I basically wore the same outfit in Chicago this past weekend (with lavender Old Navy cardigan, Nine West gray ankle boots, and a Banana Republic charcoal gray v-neck t-shirt).

…just couldn’t wait for summer to wear shorts…
Outfit Specs
Boyfriend Cardigan – Old Navy
Scarf (similar) – Forever 21
Denim Shorts (similar) – AE (purchased at Marshall’s)
Leggings (similar) – gift from mom (Korea)
Boots (no longer in stock)G.H. Bass & Co. Outlet
Bulova Watch (similar) – wedding gift

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