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"[Trying to Be] Fashionable Fridays": A Serendipitous Love Affair

Oh my goodness, people!  I am in LOVE!

This is an all consuming, could-turn-into-full-blown-obsession LOVE that I’m talking about here.  It’s something that completely took me by surprise because I never thought I would see the day I would actually go out of my way to CHOOSE this thing I’m so in love with.  When I was younger, I would go out of my way to avoid it at all costs, as I thought it was being unbearably clingy and smothering.  Who in their right mind would want to even associate with anything that makes you feel like you can’t BREATHE?

Apparently, time can mend even the most irreparable of relationships.

So what is this new found love of mine?

[Please excuse the background…this was taken indoors at night!]

I can imagine how confused you must be…and NO, I haven’t become a complete narcissist.  My love affair is with the heavenly gray item that drapes over me.

Yes, the BLAZER!  I LOVE blazers!

As far as I can tell, the blazer made its way back into the “fashion forward” category this past fall.  As I started my self-education of all things trendy (thank you, Pinterest!), I happened upon countless outfits that included this piece of clothing (in many shapes, colors, and sizes).  I thought it looked quite fetching on the lean, long-legged, about-5-inches-taller-yet-ten-pounds-lighter-than-me ladies (who honestly can make ANYTHING look fetching on their slender frame).  But from my past experience of wearing suits for job interviews, I didn’t think blazers would do much for me (not to mention I like to be able to BREATHE in my clothing).

Still, I had a couple of blazers in my closet that I thought could work for me.  If nothing else, it would be a good layering piece to help me battle the frigid cold of Michigan winters.  So I tried it….


Okay, so maybe I didn’t think “fabulous” described what I saw in the mirror, but I definitely liked what I saw.  The thing about blazers is that (when you find the right one) they have the structure and fit to slim you down while accentuating your curves just right.  It also can turn a generally casual outfit into something a bit more “business casual” and a whole lot more “put together”.  I actually look like I have work attire on going to the office (which is normally casual anyway, so I never really had to worry as long as I didn’t look like I was heading for bed or the gym or something).  The right blazer can truly transform your wardrobe.

Here’s my favorite outfit of the week (which features a different blazer from my closet).

Note the absolutely adorable photo bomber! ❤
Outfit Specs
Blazer – Gift from M.I.L. (Korea)
Blue Cowl Neck Top (similar) – Banana Republic Factory Store
Dark Wash Bootcut Jeans (similar) – Tommy Hilfiger Outlet
Ankle BootsG.H. Bass & Co. Outlet

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