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"[Trying-to-Be] Fashionable Fridays": Warmer Days are Here Again…


Okay, so maybe Spring has been here for a while.  But the persistently cold weather since the official start of Spring on March 20th made it seem like winter would never end.  I know that even in places who would get 60 to 70 degree weather by the end of March (I miss you, Atlanta!), Spring has been acting just a tad bit more schizo than usual.

But now, it actually FEELS like Spring has arrived!
And just in time for my birthday too!

Yes, it’s my birthday…and as far as I’m concerned, it will be the 2013 demarcation between a seemingly never-ending winter and a long anticipated spring.

Now we DID get some really nice weather early this week (only to be interrupted by two days of snowy rain and 30s/40s temperatures), so I made it a point to take advantage of the sunny skies and warmth by breaking out one of my favorite dresses.  I have been DYING to wear this dress here in Michigan (I did get to wear it in Atlanta back in March) since I purchased it back in January (side note: InChul actually picked it out…what a man!).

The blouse I paired it with is one I’ve had for a long time (I purchased it YEARS ago – early 2000s? – from Express) but haven’t been able to fit into.  I’ve gone back and forth on whether to give it away, but I’ve always loved the shape and detailing (THE BOW!!).  I’m so glad I kept it…now that I can fit into it, I wear it often.

I honestly thought this outfit made me look a bit childish and “schoolgirl”-esque.  But then I saw Joan Watson (played by Lucy Liu) wearing a similar outfit on Elementary…and I felt a lot better.

The boots?  Costs $69.00 (according to online sources).  How much did I pay (at Tuesday Morning)?  Just under $10.00 

Best. Deal. EVER!!

So without further ado (I could ramble on and on, but I want to go enjoy the gorgeous weather outside some more), my favorite outfit of the week!

Pardon the hair…I desperately need to get a haircut…BLEAH!!
Outfit Specs
Short Sleeve Bow Blouse (old) – Express
Hadiyah Knee-High BootsBlowfish (Tuesday Morning)
Bulova Watch (similar) – wedding gift

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