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"[Trying-to-Be] Fashionable Fridays": Remembering [Not-So] Rainy Weekends…

I have to do it…I can’t help it…I have to let this fly…
*blood-curdling scream*

Why you may ask do I feel the need to express myself in such a loud and frightening way (that really doesn’t translate very well into weblog form, now that I look at it)?

Pay special attention to Sunday!

Just when I was confident that cold weather was officially over, Michigan weather decides to metaphorically run up behind me and kick me in the rear.  High of 48 degrees?  On Sunday?  REALLY? Even now, the skies gray and cloudy outside my window (not to mention the depressing drizzling rain) really does dampen my spirits a bit [definite understatement]…not to mention the chill that lingers in the air. 

*whine whine whine*  Yeah, I know…at least it’s not freezing outside…and we really do need rain after several years of drought-like conditions.  So…I will leave my rantings and immature whining at that…

…and focus on remember yester-weekends, when the skies were not so depressing…
So being Friday, I’ve obligated myself to posting my continued endeavors of coming up with outfits that makes me look a bit more “put together”…and [dare I hope] perhaps somewhat fashionable.  This week, you will be getting a “two for the price of one” deal.  That’s right…TWO outfits!  One was completely planned as a possible “Favorite Outfit of the Week” (from over 3 months back!)…the other was a complete surprise.
Props to my hubby for taking some great photos!

After church on Sunday (May 5th), we had decided to visit a small town near Grand Rapids called Holland, Michigan to check out their annual “Tulip Time Festival“.  It was the perfect day…warm and sunny…and the outfit you see above put me in great spirits.  I had purchased the shift dress online back in late January and the denim jacket just a couple weeks later just so I could put this look together (granted, I plan to wear both items in other outfits as well. 

So yes…this outfit has been in the works for over 3 months, but it was totally worth the wait!

Outfit Specs
  AE Faded Denim Jacket – American Eagle
Slouchy Knee High Boots (old) – G.H. Bass & Co. Outlet
White Ceramic Diamond Watch – Anne Klein (Macy’s) 
Sunglasses (similar) – Fendi (hand-me-down from M.I.L.)
 And what about the “complete surprise”?  Well, I will preface this outfit by saying that I was having one of those stare-at-the-closet-without-any-clue-what-to-wear mornings.  It’s not a good place to be when you know the minutes are ticking by and you have to be at work…like, ten minutes ago!

PANIC!!  Or as much panic as one can muster when they’re still half asleep.

Finally, I threw up my hands in a very “WHATEVER!” manner and pulled out the following outfit. 

If the rain is getting you down, just stare at the nice sunny day in the pic!
How I managed to pull something like this together while half my mind was still in a subconscious state, I’ll never know.  In fact, I didn’t think this outfit was anything special until a co-worker commented on it…said they really liked it.  So after taking another look in the mirror (after work), I realized that this was definitely one for the books (or blog, in this case).

Outfit Specs
  Cardigan (no longer in stock) -Marshalls
  Lace Front T-shirt (no longer in stock) – American Eagle
Skinny Corduroy Jeans in Peacock – 7 for All Mankind (via
Minnetonka Mocassinsfrom
White Ceramic Diamond Watch – Anne Klein (Macy’s) 
Despite the gloomy, cold weather, hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

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