Giving Thanks

"Life Lessons" becomes Unintentionally International…and Oh-So Appreciative!

…what the…

Being a beginner blogger, I do my best to content myself with the knowledge that my blog doesn’t get much traffic or too many views (maybe a few rare comments here or there).  Of all of my posts, only two have (barely) broken the three digit plane in terms of views.

Overall, I’m okay with that.  I write because it helps me get thoughts down on paper (or in web form) as a form of mental purging.  There’s a lot going on in my head (to the point I’m afraid there may be psychological issues afoot) and having an avenue to organize the drama within has been quite therapeutic.

But I won’t lie and deny that there’s a small portion of me that would like to see more traffic…comments…views.  I’m a performer…and I like to know that there’s an audience out there who appreciates this thing I love to do.

I know…my level of conceit shocks me too. 
In those few moments where I let my conceit get the better of me, I will look through my blog stats.  Normally I focus in on the number of views and perhaps which posts are most popular.  But tonight, I happened to look at the “Pageviews by Country”.  Considering most of my friends live in the United States (with a sprinkling of individuals in Europe, China, Canada, and South Korea), you (and I) would think that those would be the only areas that would pop up.
But you (and I) would be wrong…dead wrong.
Click on image to see larger view
Russia is the number 3 country in Pageviews…followed by Germany and India.  I may know ONE person who lives in Germany…and have some Indian friends here in East Lansing, MI and a couple who are teaching there.  But Russia?  Who do I know that’s living in Russia?  
My guess is that making this blog public has led people to stumble upon it by accident.
Well, whether you are someone I know in real life…someone who’s blog I love and follow (almost obsessively…I promise you don’t need a restraining order…I’ll behave)…or someone who just happened upon this blog via their favorite search engine…thank you for checking me out.  My audience is still small, but I do appreciate each and every one of you stopping by to partake in these tidbits of my life story.  I only hope I can continue to keep you somewhat entertained through this experience. 
Oh…and if you happen to be one of those people who has accidentally (okay, even intentionally) dropped by, could I trouble you with a small request to leave a short comment?  Thank you in advance!

My secretary is standing by to take your messages.  😉

2 thoughts on “"Life Lessons" becomes Unintentionally International…and Oh-So Appreciative!

  1. Hello Tracy! I've seen so many pictures of your family via Facebook! Your kids are really amazing and talented. Looks like life is treating all of you well. Thanks for dropping by and take care!


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