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Once I Saw a Little Bird Go Hop, Hop, Hop…

This morning, I saw a robin.  

Normally, with robins being so common here in Michigan, I don’t really take but a moment’s notice.  But something about this robin was different.  This robin commanded my attention as he hopped around, head held high, as if it WANTED me to look at it.  As I looked more closely, I noticed that it had something in its tiny beak that drew my attention.

It was a worm.  This “early bird” truly had already gotten its worm.

And apparently, this morning find was enough reason for this tiny creature to strut and show off.  You could tell it was quite pleased with itself.  I stared at this bird with amazement…partially because I have never seen a bird looking this victorious and almost smug in its demeanor.

I smiled.  I was really happy for it…this robin and its accomplishment.

Stopping to watch something as simple as a robin celebrate its successful morning hunt for the elusive morning worm warms my heart.  The joy is infectious…the joy permeates my soul allows the sun to shine through whatever clouds may be darkening my little world. Pure…simple…non-cynical…JOY!!  I don’t care that it’s a beautiful Friday and I have to go and work a full day.  I don’t care that I’m stressed or exhausted from what awaits me in that building.  All I know is that this bird is happy…and it brings me joy.

Am I someone who brings joy like this to others? 

In my own mind’s eye, I’ve obviously fallen way short of the bar set by this feathered creature.  I don’t bring a smile to people’s faces with the joy I exude like this robin does for me.  Instead, I feel like I complain too much about my day-to-day grief and bring everyone down into the depths of depression with me.  I don’t want to be that girl. 

God, don’t let me be THAT girl!!

Perhaps, like the bird, it’s time to start being joyful in the little victories God brings into my life instead of wallowing in the many defeats I face.  Maybe there is more to life than just surviving the grind.  Maybe there truly are day-to-day tasks – the common everyday things – to celebrate and take joy in.  And once I start focusing more on the triumphs and being thankful for the “morning worms” God brings into my life, perhaps I too can infect others with joy.

This morning, I saw a robin, 
and I saw how joy can transform my life. 

So I’m asking, God, transform my life
that I too may share this joy that changes lives.

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