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"Letters from Lydia": May Madness

April showers bring May…showers?

Greetings from the land of the never ending rainy, cold weather!  It seems that as soon as we are blessed with a few sunny, warm (some would say HOT, but not this Georgia girl!) days, we’re faced with another shot of rain, wind, and chilly 50 degree weather.  In April, we chalked it up to it having been a colder, snowier winter that wouldn’t end.  But when Memorial Week brought us temperatures that dipped into the 30s at night (Fahrenheit, for all of my overseas readers who uses the Celsius scale and would otherwise think I’m completely off my rocker), we were not at all amused.

Not. Amused. At. All.

As you may have guessed from my blog postings from this past month (and the fact that I have not posted anything in the past 14 days…wow…exactly 2 weeks like I promised), May has been a flurry of work related busy-ness ending in a burst of fun vacationing during the Memorial Day week.  Of course, considering that none of you are likely interested in the “scintillating” world of medical school administration (HA!), I’ll save you the trouble of reading about the headaches suffered, the tears shed, the hair pulled out, and the miles traveled in our endeavors to prepare a new class of med students for their 3rd and 4th year Clerkship rotations…not to mention trying to get degrees conferred to the ones who had “graduated” on May 2nd (last I heard, we were down to maybe a dozen students we could not confer degrees for).

Or maybe you would be interested?  I wouldn’t mind a good vent session.

No?  Are you sure?

Well, fine.

Of course, the week long vacation is a post in and of itself, so you will have to wait for the long, overly verbose posting to know the goings on and shenanigans that went on.  However, I will give you a sneak preview of one of the said shenanigans of yester-week.

Butterfly kisses…tee hee!

So don’t go away!  More to come after this short break (because I DO have to work for a living, you know…and blogging just doesn’t earn much of a living in my case).

…I’m going to have to do something about my obsessive-compulsive use of parentheses…

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