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"[Trying-to-Be] Fashionable Fridays": The Little Black (Lace) Dress

This post is dedicated to the person who made this “[Trying-to-Be] Fashionable Friday” possible.

How, you may ask.

Well, she’s the one who bought me the dress.

Thank you, sista!  😀

In case you are wondering, this is the same sister I dedicated my very first “[Trying-to-Be] Fashionable Fridays” post.  So yes, she is undoubtedly influential in my life…and my wardrobe.

When my sister first pulled this dress off the rack at the Madewell store at Lenox Mall (in Buckhead, GA), I had my doubts.  After all, in order to make a dress like this look good, I would need to look like this…

Tall…slim…legs that don’t quit…I am none of these things. 

But she was able to convince me to try it on (she said I needed to have at least one nice cocktail dress like this one).  So I tried it on…and obviously liked it enough to let her purchase it for me (luckily, was able to purchase at a massive price cut from around $170 retail to about $40…my sister KNOWS how to find the deals!).

Well, I finally got the opportunity to wear the dress to the MSU Internal Med 2013 Residents Graduation ceremony (congrats again to all my graduated friends!).

So how did it turn out looking on me?

Unfortunately, I was unable to get an adequate picture of the entire outfit.  This photo was the best I could do…


Trust me, ’tis better you cannot see me from the knees down.  The cold winter and chilly spring weather imprisoned my legs in long pants, leggings, and tights until this evening…and the glare from my pasty white legs is possibly the LAST thing you want to see (MY EYES!  MY EYES!).   Plus, the dress is a little longer on me than the model above, and the hem of it hits my knees (thank you, stereotypically short, stocky Korean female legs).

But despite these flaws, I did get a lot of wonderful compliments on this ensemble (thank you for diverting your attention away from above stated problem areas)…so overall, I would call this one a success.

Outfit Specs
 Lily Lace Dress – Madewell
(can also find an exact dress here…with a different name?)
Pearl Necklace (old) – Gift from Mom (from Korea)
  Impo Stretch Suede Bootie (similar) – DSW
(not shown…but they are black)
Black Signature Coach Purse (old) – Coach Outlet

So what do you think?  Does my sister know how to pick ’em or not? 

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