Giving Thanks

"Thankful Thursdays": It’s the Little Things…

…always and forever a kid at heart…

I am not ashamed to say that I am a 33 year old woman who LOVES watching cartoons.  There is something about being able to simply enjoy the animated shows and the simple story lines, humor, and messages they offer.  Plus, I like being able to escape from my “grown up” life, filled with work, bills, and all too many responsibilities and pretend I am, once again, in a time and place of blissful simplicity and childhood joys.

But every so often, I realize that the simple messages of these cartoons carries a heavy lesson that we “grown ups” often forget.  They are the lessons that we tend to forget because they have been said so many times they have lost their spark and luster…they have become white noise in the background.

Case in point, today’s “Thankful Thursday” feature…

I love VeggieTales!!
Everywhere we go, we are bombarded by a world that tells us we need MORE!  We never have enough and we always need the bigger and better.  The purpose and fulfillment of working in the jobs we have is to earn that slip of paper with the dollar sign and numbers (or, more commonly, the automatically added dollars we see in our bank accounts) that allow us to go and get this “stuff” that we all have to want.
We are never satisfied.  We are never happy.
And we tend to work ourselves to death for these things
that don’t satisfy us or make us happy.
We are trying to fill a hole in our lives that cannot be filled by the things of this world…because the things of this world are only temporary.  There will always be a newer, faster model in the wings waiting to take the place of that “new” thing we all want.  In short, we will never be satisfied because the temporary things of this world will never let us be satisfied.
…unless…unless we CHOOSE to be satisfied…
…we CHOOSE to decide that what we have is enough…
…we CHOOSE to see what is REALLY important…
(which has NOTHING to do with the latest gadget or vehicle)
…and we CHOOSE to be grateful for what we already have…
It’s a difficult lesson to learn, even when it comes in the form of cute little computer animated vegetables singing cute little songs.  But as challenging as it is, it’s really a simple concept.  Can I be thankful for the things I already have (being a newly self-identified “shopaholic)?  The really important things I’ve been given…the little things…the mundane things…the “not so new model” things that still work well for me…will I choose to thank God for these things?  Probably not.
But God’s grace is changing me everyday to see the things 
I should be thankful for and not focusing on the things I think 
I need/want but don’t have (and always leaves me unhappy).
So on this “Thankful Thursday,” I will thank God for the day, for the sun in the sky, for the friends (and family) that I have, for the yummy food He provides me everyday, and for the love that He shares as He listens to my prayers.  And above all, thankful that He still hasn’t given up on me and is doing some awesome “renovations” in me.
Because a thankful heart truly is a happy heart.

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