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"[Trying-to-Be] Fashionable Fridays": Ode to the Chambray Shirt (Another Favorite Thing)

O, chambray shirt, with your denim-like appearance,
How did I live through 33 years of life
Not knowing of your goodness?  
You have changed me (well, my wardrobe, anyway)!
Old Navy Women’s Chambray Shirt
I cannot get enough of you.
With your ability to simply “go” with any outfit,
Looking so cute…so flattering…
I know now why the fashionistas sing your praises
On bleary-eyed mornings with no cognitive capabilities
I stand before my closet, seeking someone else that works
But it’s all for naught…and once again, I turn to you
Because your abilities are tried and true
(Whoa, the last couple of lines actually rhymed!)
Long sleeves on a hot summer day?
Only you can make that possible
Because you breathe like Egyptian cotton
Like no long sleeved shift of other materials can!
J. Crew Women’s Perfect Shirt in Chambray Polka Dots
As you reside in my closet in triplicate
Perfect and beloved, at the top of that list
May you bring me many seasons of wardrobing bliss!
For that, you will have a special place…
…in my closet space…
Favorite (Chambray) Outfit of the Week!!
One of the Many Pleasures of Summer – Ice Cream at Spad’s Twisters
The pendant was from the pearl necklace my mom gave me!
I just put it on a separate white gold (silver?) chain.

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