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"[Trying-to-Be] Fashionable Fridays": More of My Favorite Things

Okay, obviously ya’ll are reading the title of this post and thinking I’ve completely lost my mind (or at least my sense of time).  Don’t worry…I KNOW it’s not Friday.  I know we are a good three days removed from Friday (being Monday and all).  The only excuses I can give you is that with work getting busy (training new co-workers) and my vocal training work (videos were due yesterday), getting my Friday blog in was unfortunately the LAST thing on my list of priorities.

Not that I didn’t want to…truly…I’m not being sarcastic.

Oh…but it gets worse!  Much worse!  Now that I’ve finally gotten around to getting last week’s “[Trying-to-Be] Fashionable Fridays” post, I have a confession to make.  Because of my preoccupation with other obligations both at home and at work, I was unable to take a photo of ANY of last week’s outfits. 

Not. A. One.

Sad, I know.  I have utterly failed you all.
But fear not!  This simply gives me the chance to continue my list of “My Favorite Things” (see first five items here) in my wardrobe.  So hopefully this is satiate your need to read of my journey down the road of “trying-to-be-fashionable”.
So sit back…relax…and here we go again…in no particular order…

Staple Piece #6: The Chambray Shirt

Old Navy Chambray Shirt

If you read my last Friday post, you already know that I have an affinity for chambray shirts (I have three of these in my closet, people…THREE!!  All of them slightly different, though).  I know I’m not alone…it’s such a versatile article of clothing that almost every fashion blog I read mentions the wonders that is the chambray shirt. 

Since I’ve already posted something about this one, I’ll let you go here and read about my ode to this wonderful piece in my wardrobe.

Staple Piece #7: The White Dress Shirt

LOFT Blouse (no longer in stock)

My search for the perfect white dress shirt has been one of the most confounding in all the searches I have faced in my mission to build my wardrobe.  In every one of the “basic items I HAVE to have in my wardrobe” articles and blog posts I have read states that the perfect white dress shirt is a MUST!

Luckily, I do have three lovely white shirts that are serving me well.
My most recent purchase (and honestly my favorite “white shirt” right now during these warm summer months) is my LOFT ivory blouse (which is technically neither white nor a dress shirt). I’ve worn it with jeans, dress pants, skinny pants, skirts, and shorts…the very definition of comfort and versatility (WINNING!!).
Staple Piece #8: The Utility Jacket
J. Crew Utility Jacket

This is one of the newest additions to my wardrobe. I purchased it just under 2 weeks ago when the J. Crew Factory Store at Tanger Outlet was having this amazing 50% off EVERYTHING sale (first time encountering such a sale at this particular store, people!).  After saving pin after pin on Pinterest of these amazing outfits that includes said green utility jacket, I knew I had to have one.  While I may have spent a little more than I had originally intended for the J. Crew jacket (about $46 after the 50% discount), I have no regrets as I have already worn this jacket at least two to three times every week (the air tends to get chilly at night, here in Michigan).  Along with my denim jacket, this is probably the best purchase I could have made.  I just hope it lasts me a long long LONG time!

Staple Piece #9: The Classic Pearl Necklace

Another item that makes it into almost every “MUST-HAVE STAPLE PIECES” list I’ve come across is the classic pearl necklace.  If you’ve ever been to women’s apparel stores, you will notice faux versions in all the jewelry displays.  I could never bring myself to purchasing these, but really wanted to have a nice pearl necklace in my accessories rotation.

Then, I remembered that I HAD a pearl necklace…one my mom gave me long ago.

The pearl necklace actually came with a pendant (and earrings, but I can’t wear them because I don’t have pierced ears), which I decided to put on a silver chain and wear on its own.  Two for the price of one…which was FREE, because my mom is awesome like that and gives me such awesome gifts.  THANK YOU, MOM!

Staple Piece #10: The Vans Atwood Sneaker (in Grey/Blue/White)

I used to think that Converse and Keds were God’s gift to man…well their feet anyway.  But around the time I started pinning “Women’s Fashion” pins to my Pinterest boards, I began noticing a new canvas sneaker brand that I actually thought looked even more fetching than the previously named brands.  People called them “Vans,” and I loved the look.  But after some research, I found out they cost around $40-$50 per pair…and that was a price I was not willing to pay.

Initially, anyway.

DSW – Vans Atwood Sneaker

But after wearing my Keds and Converse sneakers for a while, my desire for the Vans sneakers grew.  One day, shopping at DSW in Chicago, I spotted this pair of Vans that I just could not take my eyes off of.  They were gray with white soles and blue trim.

This is probably the closest I have ever been to a shoe obsession…EVER!

Now that I have them, I wear them so often I’m scared I’ll wear them out within the next few months.  But now that I know the goodness that is Vans, I am not afraid to fork out the $40-$50 for another pair (though, I do hope to find a better deal somewhere).

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Well, that’s my top ten staple items from my closet.  I’ll add more as I go along (and continue my shopping endeavors).  Of course, I’m always on the lookout for versatile wardrobe staples (Shhh! Don’t tell InChul/Tyler!).  Can you help a girl out and give me a few tips?
What are YOUR favorite closet items?

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