"Letters from Lydia": June…Moon…Spoon…Maroon…just one rhyme at a time…

Greetings from the land of the perpetually pooped and moderately morose!  It seems that life has been dealing us some interesting circumstances – none of them bad, but still emotionally draining.  A lot of it is the culmination of the past two years here in East Lansing, Michigan, as we have had to say goodbye to some really good friends.

Such is the way of life, but doesn’t make it any easier to face.

I’ve already posted about my own take on saying goodbye, so I won’t go into too much detail (lest I open the floodgates and have to walk through the rest of the day with red, puffy eyes).  But I will say that things definitely feel…different…around here.  It’s a difference that I did not feel when we transitioned from our first to second year.  It leaves me feeling perplexed and a bit…discombobulated.  Life has become a series of disjointed moments, words, and events.  All I can do is try to bring some kind of rhyme or reason to the madness that swirls in my head.

I’ve tried to pinpoint what is causing these changes in mind and soul.  I believe it’s a combination of the abnormally chilly summer (abnormal for ME, anyway) we’re having, the fact that friends we’ve known for two years have moved on to bigger and better things elsewhere (the nerve of them!), and the fact that InChul/Tyler and I are beginning talks, once again, of what is to come.

Where will we be in a year?
What will we be doing?
What lies ahead for us as a family?
Where the heck are my car keys?
(Trust me…car keys are some of the FIRST things to get 
misplaced in the midst of discombobulation and mental chaos!)

Transition phases always seem to unravel the fabric of my being.  As I may have mentioned in previous postings, I’m much too “Type A” for unknown changes to come to sit very well with me.  I’m learning to deal with them, but they tend to leave me feeling a bit…rattled and perplexed.  And, of course, this means that I tend to become a bit disagreeable more often (HEAD FOR THE HILLS, PEOPLE!).

Alas, since I have no control over what is to come, the best I can do for myself is enjoy the NOW and not let the blessings of today get overshadowed by the questions of tomorrow.  After all, while it’s all too easy to stew in pessimism, doubt and anxiety, it comes at a much too great a cost…we miss out on some of the best memories and moments that today has to offer.

So while my cognitive capabilities may be a bit disjointed and encumbered at the moment, I place one foot before the other…stringing together as many cohesive thoughts as I can (or, at times, simple words…as that is all I can handle in the din and dissonance of my mind).  And, sometimes, that is a job in and of itself.

But, by the grace of God, we will push through…
…and we will press on until He lets 
us know where we’re headed next.

Here are some of those “moments” we had during the month of June…

MSU Internal Medicine Residency – Class of 2013 Graduation
Dinner at Dr. Freilich’s – MSU IM Monday Clinic
Saying some final goodbyes…
Welcoming the new interns! (MSU IM Residency Class of 2015)
Happy Birthday, Dareen!
Happy Birthday, Mrinal!

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