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"[Trying-to-Be] Fashionable Fridays": The "New Kids" in the Closet

I’ve been feeling a bit of blogger’s guilt recently…mainly for two reasons…

  1. I’ve missed my “Fashionable Fridays” deadline twice now.
  2. I have not posted a proper “weekly outfit” for a couple of weeks.

I want to make good on my word…truly I do.  But for one reason or another, outfit photography doesn’t happen very easily for me.  Basically, I need a second person to be around to take said photos. But since asking acquaintances (or even complete strangers) to take pictures of me is not something I’m very good at (I would rather DIE!), I end up getting to Friday with no outfit picture.

Excuses, excuses…all these excuses!  (Wo)Man up, Lydia! 

So as penalty for being so bad about posting my weekly outfits, I am posting some photos of my shopping escapades.  These are photos I would otherwise NEVER post on my blog, considering the odd outfit/footwear/accessory combinations.  I don’t normally bring whole outfits into dressing rooms to try on…I just throw on the pieces I pull off the racks with whatever I wore into the store.

Probably not the best idea…but I’m still learning.

These were taken for the sole purpose of seeking InChul/Tyler’s approval opinion on certain articles of clothing I’m eyeing in the store (when he’s not physically there with me due to his needing to be at work).  For those appalled by the very idea that I would need my husband’s approval to buy clothes, know that the items HE picks out always gets the great compliments.  My picks, not as much.

I’m a pathetic excuse of a female, I know. 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Ann Taylor LOFT Outlet – Yellow/White Floral Maxi Dress
Purchase Price = $29.99 plus tax

I’ve been to Ann Taylor LOFT Outlet many times in the past couple of months and say this dress on the rack and passed it by EVERY TIME!  But for some reason, I grabbed it and tried it on…and LOVED IT!  I’m imagining this dress with some sort of jacket/cardigan on top (while it looks okay on its own, I just feel the dress is incomplete on its own) and a pair of sandals (see possible candidate below).  Please excuse the horrendous footwear!

Ann Taylor LOFT Outlet – White Lace Dress
 Purchase Price = $39.99 plus tax

I’ve actually been eyeing this dress for a while…and every time I would walk into the store, I would glance at it longingly, but wasn’t able to get past the price tag…even on clearance at the price stated about!  But I finally got up the courage to take it into the dressing room and put it on.  I knew I would love it…I KNEW IT!  It’s so simple…basic…a blank slate that would allow me to remix it into so many different outfits, dressy or casual!  I knew it was meant to be when I sent this picture (along with select others…including maxi dress above) to InChul/Tyler and he said it was his favorite out of the bunch.  I’m sold!  Again…please excuse the footwear…and the dress doesn’t look nearly as boxy as it looks in the photo…I promise.

DSW – Anne Klein Latham Pumps (in Pewter)
Purchase Price = $36.13 plus tax

I’m trying my best to wear more heels…but not just any heels.  I’m looking to be a bit more adventurous with designs and colors (I’m trying to muster up the courage to purchase a pair of red high heels!).  When I saw these shoes, I though it was a great compromise…simple design, neutral colors, but definitely a but more “style” than the all black or brown heels I’m usually drawn to (baby steps, people…baby steps).  They are relatively comfortable too (considering they are higher heels than I normally wear)…SCORE!

DSW – GUESS Multi-Hued Wedge Sandals
Purchase Price = $25.80 plus tax

When I mentioned a possible candidate for sandals that I would wear with my LOFT maxi dress…these are they (grammatically correct).  Wedges have been my “training heels” lately, as I’m transitioning into more feminine footwear.  These are definitely a pair I can relate with…simple, neutral…but they still have some style intrigue.  The cashier who rang me up also commented that these are “so cute”.  I have to agree…though I have no idea how a pair a shoes I picked out could ever be considered “cute” (think I’m bad at picking out clothes?  I’m WORSE at picking out shoes!).  I guess that’s a sign of progress.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
So now the questions remains as to how these items are going to “get along” with the rest of my wardrobe (they are currently getting acquainted with everyone in my closet/shoe shelf).  Hopefully they will settle in nicely and start making some friends that they go well with (because this “matchmaker” isn’t all that confident she can be of much help in that department yet).
…let the saga continue…

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