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"[Trying-to-Be] Fashionable Fridays": Are Those Sandals or Stilts???

As promised, I have finally chosen and documented a favorite outfit for this week (YAY!).  Despite the fact I was dead tired (and my pose and obviously forced smile definitely show it), I swallowed my shallowness and pride and took these photos…just for you all.

…so…please excuse the less than stellar modeling work…
…granted, none of my posing could ever pass as more than “eh…it’ll do” modeling work…

If you are fairly astute (or at least read my last “Fashionable Fridays” post), you will notice that I’m wearing two of the newest members of my wardrobe family.  While there isn’t much more to say about the dress (it’s lace overlay, it’s white, it’s versatile…what more could I want?), I do want to talk about the shoes.  These are possibly the highest heels (well, platforms…wedges?…what’s the difference?) I own, and I could definitely see and feel the difference.  First, I’m almost the same height as my “a-bit-more-than-six-inches-taller-than-me” husband in these shoes.  Second, I feel like I’m just one teeter away from a broken ankle in these (small steps…taking SMALL steps).  But despite the added height, these are seriously comfy shoes (once I put insoles on them because, while they’re my size, they are just a tad too loose).  I only wore these for all of one hour (just for a quick dinner with the husband…and then dessert alone), but I could have gone for at LEAST three or four more (I think I could have, anyway).  I will see when I actually do take them for a longer test drive (straight to the Emergency Room needing orthopedic attention).

Now if only I can do something about the hair…
need to make an appointment…STAT!  Like YESTERDAY!!
Ann Taylor LOFT White Lace Dresssimilar
DSW – GUESS Multi-Hued Wedge Sandal
(I also really like these ALDO sandals!)
Flower Necklace (no longer in stock) – Forever21

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