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"Weekend Recap": A Shockingly Normal Weekend

I’m coming out of this weekend completely stunned with myself.  If you’re one of the unfortunate folks who are bombarded with my Facebook status updates (case in point, my baby brother who’s News Feed, at times, has nothing but posts by me), you have probably figured out by now that I see myself as a complete failure of a housewife a disappointment to domesticity someone who isn’t the best housekeeper.  Don’t get me wrong…I know I have the skills (cooking, cleaning, mending, laundering, etc…I can do it all).  I just choose not to utilize these skills on a consistent basis (except laundering…I like clean clothes too much not to consistently do laundry).

That being said, I definitely surprised myself this weekend.  I don’t know what came over me, but I became a diva of domesticity.  I cleaned the apartment (with my husband’s help), did laundry (again, husband help), did some ironing (I HATE ironing), and went grocery shopping and cooked dinner Sunday night. 

. . . . . . . . 
I guess I’m more domesticated than I think…and it’s just been building up inside of me all this time.  I reached my breaking point and had to let it all out in one go.  Don’t worry…I’m getting over it.

But other than the sudden need to act upon my domestic nature, it was a pretty normal weekend – a haircut, a little retail therapy, and church.  It seems that these “normal” weekends are anything but, and come way too “few and far between”.  No wonder I’m so exhausted all the time!

So why even do a weekend recap?  Mainly to document that the An family truly do have such weekends where we get stuff done around the apartment and spend time doing mundane things.

…and then…there’s this…
An outfit post on a day OTHER than Friday?  NO WAY!

I wore this to church on Saturday night (since the husband had to work Sunday).  I never thought I’d see the day where I would wear high heels (and we’re talking HIGH heels, people) with shorts.  But I’ve seen others (specifically this popular fashion blogger) wear this combo and thought it looked so cute.  So I decided to try it on a day temperatures were hitting the high 80s.

Don’t ask me why I wore a black blazer in 
almost 90 degree weather…temporary insanity, 
and let’s leave it at that.  

Oh…and note the haircut (which I got earlier in the day).  I really like shorter hair…to me, it’s so much more manageable that way.  I’m quite happy with this cut…I can even tie it back if I want (just long enough).  Who could ask for more than that?

So what do you all think?  Do shorts with heels work for me?
I’m wearing an Old Navy Perfect Crew Neck Tee (black striped on white), The Limited Blazer (old – similar here), Banana Republic Factory Store Shorts (similar here), New York & Company Necklace (out of stock), and DSW – Anne Klein Latham Pumps in Pewter (find it on here!).

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