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Lady in Red…Shoes…RAWR!

So it seems that summer is in full force here in Michigan.  The temperatures are hitting the 90s…and the heat index is officially in the 3 digit range.  Even this girl from Georgia has to admit it is hot, Hot, HOT!!

But that’s ok…I love it…reminds me of home.

So because of the intense Michigan heat (never thought I would ever string those words into the same phrase), I decided that I would have to change out of my work clothes (a light blouse with dark wash straight leg jeans) into something a lot lighter…and cooler (temperature-wise) before heading out for dinner out with friends.  This is what I came up with (in the 10 minutes my husband gave me…I probably took 20).

Dress – Empire Three-Quarter Sleeve Dress from (similar – I actually like this one better!);
Belt – borrowed from a dress purchased at (similar);
Necklace – pendant a gift from mother-in-law, chain a gift from InChul/Tyler’s aunt; 
Sunglasses – Fendi (gift from brother-in-law who gave them to mother-in-law who gave them to me…confused yet?)

Do you like the dress?  I bought it online from Shade Clothing (which will be shutting down its website on July 31, 2013 – so go here for some amazing final deals) because I was looking for a simple, cotton gray dress that would be a staple in my closet.  I normally wear it with a jacket, but there was no way I was going to wear a jacket in 90+ degree weather (I’m not insane…at least, not today).  I just belted it, added a gold heart pendant necklace, and faced the humidity and heat.

But of course, when you look at this photo, your 
eyes are likely drawn to the pop of color on my feet.
Shoes – DSW Heart Soul Paluso Pump (sold out – similar here)

These were also purchased online (wow! an outfit predominantly of pieces purchased while sitting in front of my computer) – specifically from DSW.  I think I may have mentioned in a past post that I’m trying to be a bit more adventurous in my footwear choices.  I KNEW I wanted to start with a pair of really cute red shoes.  Lo and behold, DSW heeded my call and put these babies on sale online.  To top it all off, I purchased the VERY LAST AVAILABLE PAIR!  (Forreal…and they were my size and everything!).  And for being high heels (again, we’re talking HIGH high heels…for me), they are quite comfortable.  I just need to learn to stop tripping and putting my ankles at risk in them.

So…the third outfit post in 5 days.  Too much? 
Should I just stick to my once a week “Fashionable Fridays”
Y’all tell me…

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