Giving Thanks

"Thankful Thursdays": One Hundred (and One) Reasons to be Grateful

Blogger at Work…

Yesterday marked a milestone for this blog.  With the completion of my “Lady in Red…Shoes…RAWR!” post, I had written a total of 100 blog posts here in Life Lessons (as Learned by Lydia).  There was definitely a sense of accomplishment knowing that I had reached the three digit mark…and am still going strong. 

I started this blog with the intention to give myself a creative outlet as well as a way for me to share how God has been teaching me and changing me day after day.  I look back through the posts of the past and realize just how far I have come in so many different ways – be it in my travels, life changes, thoughts on my career, family life, and (more recently) my sense of style.  Of course, all of these areas are still in development, and  there will be many more posts to come.  I hope all of you have enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy) the journey of “Life Lessons” along with me.

While it’s not the most popular blog out there (with readership still limited to an average of 40 per post), it’s been a fun journey for me…an avenue for me to be creative and share the lessons of life that is shaping me into who I am.  So with this 101st blog post, I want to say that I am grateful for a chance to write (or type) for the sheer joy of it.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to share just a bit of my life in this way with my family and friends (and even those of you who do not know me in real life but, for some reason, find my daily goings on intriguing…or y’all just enjoy laughing at my pitfalls…and even that’s okay!).  I am grateful for all of you who take the time to read…it is such an encouragement and blessing to know that y’all care enough to do so.

And above all, I’m grateful for every single “lesson” 
God has brought my way thus far.
After all, we must “keep hold of instruction; do not let go; 
guard her, for she is [our] life.” (Proverbs 4:13 ESV)
Here’s to the next one hundred (and one) lessons to come.


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