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Warm Weather Work Wardrobing…Lord, Have Mercy…

First, you will notice I have not indicated that this is indeed a “[Trying-to-Be] Fashionable Friday” post…that was done purposely.  While it is Friday, and it is a style and fashion post, since I’ve come to the point in my blog where outfit posts overflows into days that are NOT Friday, I thought it was a bit absurd to keep that designation.  I’m “trying to be fashionable” everyday now, not just Fridays.  It’s probably the best thing to happen to my blog (it gets more visitors this way, so it’s happy).  It’s probably the worst thing to happen to my bank account (as it makes me want to buy more new things).

It is a conundrum…truly a conundrum…

Oh well…life is full of unresolvable conundrums, 
so I’ll ignore it and get back to the topic at hand.
As I’ve mentioned before, the weather here in East Lansing, Michigan has gone to Hades…in terms of temperature (though many native Michiganders probably feel it’s gone to Hades in general).  This has made picking out my outfits a bit more difficult…especially when it comes to dressing for work.  While I’m blessed to work in a place where the dress code is pretty relaxed, I’m still in a position where I need to look put together…definitely more professional than shorts and tank tops/t-shirts.  While I find myself gravitating towards skirts and dresses (of the knee-length variety), work appropriate versions of these items are quite limited in my wardrobe (and changing things up by layering is NOT an option!).  So twice this week, I had to wear pants…as temperatures climbed into the 90s…
…and my ONLY pair of capri dress pants are in my 
So, of course, I opted for the next best thing…the lightest work pants I have in my closet…with the lightest-weight shirt I owned.  This is what I came up with…
I know…I know…I need to buy a belt…with the quickness…
I only have a couple things to say about this outfit…
  • I will never again take an outfit picture without my Fendi shades again (why do I look like I have a lazy eye in the left photo???).  Even in the dead of winter.  Though…posing outside may not be wise in the dead of winter.  So never mind.
  • While I tucked in my shirt because this was a work outfit, I’m not sure I really like the tucked-in look on me.  It always look like I have a gut (I promise I don’t…really…honest!).  My problem is that I don’t have much of an hourglass figure (think “mildly pear-shaped tree trunk” instead).  So tucking in my shirt into a pair of mid-rise/low-rise pants never looks good on me…or at least that’s MY opinion.
I could definitely use some advice on how to make 
this outfit work better for me.  Suggestions?

Shirt – Old Navy Plaid Shirt (I HIGHLY recommend you go buy this…it’s on sale for $12 online right now!); Pants – Express Design Studio Editor Pants (old…bought these about 5 years ago); Shoes – Kenneth Cole REACTION Lots of Love Sandals (no longer available in green…but they have it in Maple and Black); Necklace – New York & Company Chain Bib Necklace (no longer in stock)

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