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One of the Good Ones (Just Smile and Nod…Smile and Nod…)

After the last outfit post, I feel I need to redeem myself.  I did get some good advice from one person (via Instagram), and I am grateful.  And I KNOW it’s good advice because it came from Shin who (with her sister Gina) has her own blog about style and fashion (and it’s NOT just all about clothes either!).  Go check them out…they are awesome at what they do!  Go! Now!  I’ll wait for you…

. . . . . . 
What did I tell you…aren’t they great?

Back to my need for redemption.  As you could tell from my last post, I really wasn’t happy with the way my work outfit turned out (boxy…unflattering…BLEAH BLEAH BLEAH!!).  That monstrosity of an outfit (a bit of an exaggeration? maybe? please tell me it is!) was worn on Wednesday to work.  So Thursday, I made it my goal to put on something I knew I would be happy to post on this blog.

And here it is.

Shirt – Hollister Navy Blue Check Button Down (similar; I found the exact one on Ebay here…you have 9 days to bid for it!); Skirt – LOFT Outlet Yellow Flared Skirt (can’t find a link to it, but there were a few left on clearance in store!); Shoes – Nine West White Wedge Sandals (old); Necklace – Forever21 Flower Necklace (no longer in stock)

Okay…slight correction.  This was MOSTLY the outfit I wore on Thursday.  I actually wore this outfit again to church on Saturday night because I liked it so much.  You know I love an outfit when I’m willing to wear the (almost) exact thing a couple of days later.  Granted, there were a couple of adjustments made.  I did not wear the white sandals to work (wore white socks with brown loafers with heels instead…I liked it…don’t judge me) and I did not have the flowered belt you see yet (bought that this weekend…wore a dark brown woven belt to work instead).

So this outfit officially becomes one of my favorite ones (once I fix that weird, crookedly tucked-in shirt…and maybe pull the skirt lower on my waist…a fraction).  If you disagree, please allow me this one favor of not saying so and letting me revel in my delusions that this outfit actually looks good.  Seriously…just smile and nod…and then run away as fast as you can (laughing at me out of earshot).

Thank you.  I greatly appreciate it.

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