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Skirting the Truth (The Battle of the Bottoms)

I suppose it’s become pretty clear that I’ve developed a bit of an obsession of skirts (and dresses) recently.  Perhaps it is the combination of last week’s major Michigan heat wave (which has broken this week, thank God!) and my sudden need to actually prove to the world that I am indeed a female (because to a certain portion of the world’s population – one person…namely me – this hasn’t been considered common knowledge).  After all, you’re talking about the self-proclaimed tomboy who would much rather dress for “comfort” than style.

Little did she know that the right skirts and dresses 
beat jeans and pants in comfort any (warm Michigan) day!

But while skirts/dresses seem to be winning the more recent battles in the “Wardrobe Wars,”  I’m sure pants and jeans will be making a comeback soon…specifically in September…once the weather starts getting cold again.  But then, skirts/dresses will be bringing in their cold-weather reinforcements – tights, leggings, and tall boots.
So stay tuned as the saga continues.
Man, it’s like waiting for the new season of 
NCIS to start (okay, not really).
So in keeping with the skirt theme, here is one last skirted outfit before I pull out a pair of pants from my closet for tomorrow’s work outfit (now that the temperatures are a lot cooler).
You can’t tell in this photo, but the skirt is actually a lace overlay skirt (too much sun + soft focus filter on PicStitch = loss of all of the nice lacy detail).  After seeing style post after style post with this chambray + lace combination, I had to jump on the bandwagon.  That’s right…I’ve pretty much (almost) copied this look from the other style blogs I’ve been reading rather obsessively (“Hello, my name is Lydia…and I’m a style-blogaholic.”).
I wonder if there are copyright laws for outfits.
If there is, I may be in trouble.  Don’t sue me, please!
Shirt – Old Navy Chambray Shirt (similar); Skirt – LOFT Outlet Store Lace Skirt (similar); Shoes – G.H. Bass & Co Queen Bee Maple Wedge Sandals (only found in G.H. Bass & Co Outlet Stores); Belt –  borrowed from a dress purchased at (similar); Necklace – New York & Company Chain Bib Necklace (no longer in stock)

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