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"Let’s Remix this Business!" (31 Days Without Shopping)

First things first…let’s get the outfit post out of the way…

There is only two things I want to say about this outfit.

  • It looks a LOT better in person than what is portrayed in this post.  I don’t know why, but photos truly do seem to add about 5 (10?) pounds to one’s appearance.  So take note ladies…photos lie! 
  • Let it be known that I actually wore these heels ALL DAY AT WORK yesterday.  This explains why I don’t look as happy as I might when I’m wearing something I love (and yes, I do love this outfit)…my feet are starting to send the “I’m feeling something not too pleasant” messages to my brain.  But on a positive note, the shoes didn’t start hurting even a bit until I got home!  So now I know I can get through an entire workday in heels (as long as they are reasonably comfortable).

Shirt – LOFT Outlet Cuffed 3/4 Sleeve Shirt (old); Blazer – Gift from Mother-in-Law (from Korea); Jeans – LOFT Outlet Store Modern Skinny Corduroy (similar); Shoes – DSW Anne Klein Latham Pumps in Pewter (find similar pair on here); Necklace – Layered Rope Flowers Necklace

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

It’s seems like only yesterday when my mission to put together a workable wardrobe started.  But it was, in fact, almost eight months ago. It was a time of pulling articles of clothing off racks…in PILES…and invading dressing rooms in hopes of finding pieces that would kick start this (quite expensive) attempt at building a wardrobe.  Finally…after 8 months…I’ve realized that this mission is coming to an end.  The war is won (at least, I think it is) and I have what the fashionistas call a “workable wardrobe”. 

So it is time to work out an “exit strategy” 
from this incessant shopping. 

I’m not saying I’m swearing off shopping forever (after all, clothes will wear out and styles will change over time).  But I am saying I need to learn to work with what I have lest I take the fast road to bankruptcy (and I’m sure the husband would NOT be very happy with that). It’s time to learn to mix (and remix) these pieces in my closet.  Therefore, I am dedicating the month of August to doing so (and giving my wallet a break in the process).

Here is my “exit strategy” in detail:

  1. I will NOT purchase any new clothes/shoes/accessories during the month of August.
  2. I will focus my energies in creating 31 different outfits from the items I have in my closet.  The hope is that I do not repeat any outfits in their entirety (have to at least change out 2 or 3 items).
  3. I will purge items that I don’t even consider wearing in the next 31 days (forcing me to be a bit adventurous with new combinations).
  4. I will aim to post all 31 outfits through the month of August (but please don’t be mad if I have to skip a day or two…I’ll try to make up for it by posting multiple outfits if I can).

Feel free to join me on this endeavor, if you so desire.  I know I’m not alone when it comes to an overly active need to shop and spend money on wardrobe items.  Let me know how it goes for you as I will be doing the same from my end of this blog.

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