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"Sunday Supper Review": Lazy Sunday Casserole (by Kayotic Kitchen)

I have decided that we all need reprieve from the endless outfit posts that have been dominating this blog (you’re welcome!).  I can tell all of you are starting to get tired of seeing me make the same poses in the same location talking about the same ol’ thing. In fact, my goal is to stay away from outfit posts until Thursday, when I begin my August clothes shopping fast (WHAT? You haven’t heard?  Go read this…NOW!) and start my 31 days of wardrobe remixing posts.

So today, I bring you another area of my life that I have truly enjoyed learning more about – cooking!  Since I haven’t killed anyone (or even just their taste buds) yet with the food I have prepared thus far, I’m pretty confident in my abilities to sustain life…nutritionally speaking.  Plus, I have Pinterest on my side, which helps me organize and keep track of different recipes I want to try (I believe I have a total of 14 Pinterest boards with food/drink recipes alone!). 

Pinterest has revolutionized my life!!
Here’s a recipe I tried last night (on Sunday…hence the title of this post).  
Lazy Sunday Casserole by Kayotic Kitchen (find the recipe HERE)
Photos taken by moi on my iPhone 5, edited via PicStitch.
This is a recipe that truly lives up to its name.  After a Saturday of hectic-ness (cleaning, last-minute-shopping, and OH-SO-MUCH cooking) getting ready for house (apartment) guests, I was ready for a really, REALLY lazy Sunday.  So when it came to making dinner, I didn’t want to make anything complicated.
This recipe consists of peeling/cutting up vegetables and baking them (in the chicken broth mixture) for 45 minutes.  Around the 30 minute mark, I browned (just the outside…no need to cook through) and cut up sweet Italian sausages, then (once the timer sounded the 45 minute alarm) placed them on top of the fork-tender veggies.  Added 4 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and stuck the whole thing back in oven for 25 minutes (but taking it out about halfway to spoon some of the liquid over everything to maintain moisture). The whole process took me about 2 hours, but there was a whole lot of down time (in which I watched old Teen Titan episodes on YouTube…don’t judge me!).
And the taste…OH MY WORD, DIVINE!  I honestly wasn’t sure if I would like it (I decided to make it because I knew the husband would like it).  As a veggie lover, something about the perfect balance combination of root veggies and the sweet, tangy balsamic vinegar makes this one UH-MAZE-ING dish.  Plus the meat adds a real heartiness to it, making it a really filling, “stick to your bones” type meal (we ate it with rice too, but it really didn’t need it).  If you’re worried about the fat content in the sausage, you could always opt for the reduced fat variety (usually made of turkey).  
I’m SO glad I have leftovers…I could eat this for lunch EVERYDAY this week!  But I doubt it’ll last that long (I give it 2 days…TOPS!).
So to recap…
Difficulty rating  
(1 = very easy; 5 = very difficult)      
2 out of 5
…because there is some prep involved and some timing to deal with…
Taste Rating 
(1 = YUCK!!; 5 = nectar of the gods)      
5 out of 5 I said…leftovers for lunch…for as long as it lasts…I’m drooling as I type…

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