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"August Wardrobe Remix [Day 2 of 31]": Blue Skies, Blue Garb

T-Shirt – Banana Republic Timeless V-Neck Tee; Chambray Shirt – Old Navy Chambray Shirt (similar); Pants – LOFT Outlet Store Modern Skinny Corduroy (similar); Shoes – G.H. Bass & Co. Outlet Taupe Flats (old); Necklace – New York & Company (no longer in stock)

When the sun comes out after a short, drizzling bout of rain here in Michigan, I get the sudden urge to go outside and run amok in the bright sunshine and clear, cool air.  I never really felt this way when I lived in Georgia, because sparse rain normally didn’t leave the air feeling any cooler…just more humid.

If there was a way to combine Michigan summers 
and Georgia winters, I’d truly have it made!

My poor husband was the victim in the whole matter of my needing to go outside and commune with the lovely Michigan evening (yes, evening…the sun stays out until around 9:15pm nowadays).  After all, I needed a second person to take photos for my blog…and then some of our short family outing around the lake behind the apartment.

Getting in on the blog photo action!
“May I go swimming, mama?”
Not too disappointed that mama and daddy said NO!
My two main men…aren’t they so cute??  ^.~*
I love the willow trees around the lake!
Hudson’s a good boy…always waits to be invited in…

It’s August folks!  Go enjoy the nice weather while you can!  ❤

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