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"August Wardrobe Remix [Day 4 of 31]": The Power of a Praying Grandmother

Dress – American Eagle Lace Dress in Cream; Sweater – Ann Taylor Outlet 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan (on clearancesimilar); Belt – borrowed from a dress purchased at (similar); Shoes – (c/o/ DSW) White Mountain Slammin’ Western Booties; Necklace – Forever21 Flower Necklace (no longer in stock); Bracelets – Forever21 Faceted Stretch Bracelet Set

I don’t know what it is…the lighting, my poor posing abilities, the fact I take all my photos on my iPhone 5 (or my husband does, anyway), or if my mind is simply playing tricks on me…but I really liked this outfit more in my mirror than I do in these photos.  Oh well.  I like it…and that’s all that matters…right?

Moving on…

Other than my recent penchant for shopping and the couple of weeks of sweltering hot summer weather, another reason for my wanting to look more feminine and polished recently (despite the fact that this is more of my preferred style) is my grandmother.

My grandmother and I have always had a special relationship.  I’ve been labeled as the “favored grandchild” only because I am her very first grandchild.  She’s apparently always asking about me and how I’m doing…and always praying for me (and my husband).  She is such a Godly woman and prayer warrior, and it always does make me feel loved knowing she is lifting up a prayer for me.

But I digress…

Every time she came to visit us in the States (she lives in Korea), she wanted to take me shopping to buy clothes (“pretty clothes” as she puts it in Korean).  Every time we’ve gone shopping together, I’ve been less than enthusiastic (because, back then, I had no desire whatsoever to variate from my t-shirt and jeans garb).

It seems her prayers for me could possibly have included a 
transformation from tomboy to a more respectable young woman.

I hope she is pleased, now that I’m more concerned with my wardrobe, and approves of the change in my appearance.  After all, she is special to me…and I want her to be happy too.

Love you, 할머니!!
(that’s “grandmother” in Korean, by the way)

Addendum – By the way, please do not think that I make light of the power of prayer…or think that my grandmother is only concerned with my appearance.  I know for a fact that her prayers for me are much more substantial than just about how I look or dress.  I’m just saying that, considering my past childish, tomboyish ways, nothing short of an act of God could have brought me to where I am…so, it makes me wonder…*wink, wink*…

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