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"August Wardrobe Remix [Day 7 of 31]": Seeking Sophistication (Cute Need Not Apply)

Dress – LOFT Outlet Lace Dress (they may still have a few on clearance in store); Blazer – from The Limited (old); ShoesFranco Sarto “Cicero” Pump (out of stock at DSW); Necklace – Layered Rope Flowers Necklace; Bracelets – Forever21 Faceted Stretch Bracelet Set

When I pulled this outfit from my closet, I had one objective in mind – to try and pull off a more sophisticated chic look.  In my own little imaginary world, I would like to think I can look long, lean, and sophisticated.  But I soon come to my senses and face the reality that I do not have the body type nor the personal styling capabilities to pull off said “long, lean, and sophisticated” look.

No matter how much I try, the best I seem to be able to do is “cute”
(and even that is pretty much hit-or-miss).

Still, I put aside my stylistic deficiencies and went for it…and came up with this.  This outfit was inspired by this one.  I would never be so bold as to even start comparing my stylistic undertakings to that of the Duchess of Cambridge…but when it comes to sophistication, she is the epitome thereof.  So who better to emulate?  I just wish I could make it look as amazing as she does.  Ah well…some of us are destined to dress like (as) royalty…and the rest of us simply try to pretend we can dress like royalty (HA!).

By the way, I saw this pin on Pinterest after I had already been wearing this outfit for a good part of the day.  It really helped boost my confidence a little in my wardrobing abilities.  I’m just missing the “splashes of color”-ful accessories.  Will need to start looking for more colorful pieces…once my August shopping fast is over.

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