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"August Wardrobe Remix [Day 9 of 31]": Blue Jeans…ANYDAY!!

Top – Banana Republic Outlet (old); Cardigan – Gap Outlet Summer Cardigan (in store only); PantsTommy Hilfiger Company Store Modern Bootcut Dark Wash Jeans (similar); Shoes – Impo Stretch Suede Booties (from DSW – similar); Necklace – Heart Pendant Gold Chain Necklace (gift)

It was just a few years ago when I worked as a teacher…and our dress code stated we were not allowed to wear jeans.  Actually, there were SOME days we were allowed to wear jeans…but those were always Fridays…and most of them were “pay to wear blue jeans” Fridays (normally $5.00 a pop).  But I honestly didn’t mind…the $5.00 always went to some good cause – whether it was to help fund a band trip or the Special Olympics or a 5K walk for cancer (or something along those lines).

Besides…wearing jeans to work when you’re normally forbidden 
to do so is worth $5.00…PERIOD.  (Well, to me anyway.)

Now I work in a place where, while we normally try to look somewhat professional, we find ourselves walking into the office wearing jeans throughout the work week (dressed up or down…depending on what we’re slated to do that day).  And as far as I know (as long as we don’t wear them to some important meetings with students or base hospitals or the college powers-at-be), it’s okay. So on days I know I don’t have meetings and I am simply sitting at my desk and staring at the computer screen from 8 to 5, I treat myself to wearing something a bit more casual…
 …after all, when it comes to sitting at a desk all day, comfort is key!
I do try to dress up my jeans a bit (like what you see above)…whether it’s with a nice blouse/top or with a blazer.  Unless it’s Friday…in which case, you never know what I’ll wear into the office.
Actually, you do…I’ll wear clothes.  
I don’t want to get fired (or arrested) after all.

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