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"August Wardrobe Remix [Day 17 of 31]": Extra Long (Casual) Friday

Top – Old Navy Perfect Crew-Neck Tee; Jacket – J. Crew Factory Riptop Utility Jacket (sold out online, but still in stores – similar); Jeans – (from Levi’s Outlet Store) Modern Rise Demi Curve Straight Leg Jeans; Shoes – Vans Atwood Sneaker (c/o DSW); Scarf – gift from Mei

I’ve been robbed!  Cheated!  Swindled!  Shortchanged!  Something near and dear to me has been taken from me.  They’ve taken my my after-work hours, and (despite the smiles in the photos) I’m not all too pleased.  Oh sure, I’ll be compensated down the road for my loss…but when there are so few beautiful summer days left in the state of Michigan, one wants to hold onto as much of these precious hours as possible.  Especially when those hours fall on Friday.  FRIDAY!  HEADS WILL ROLL!!

Sure, I ultimately did it to myself…
…choosing to stay at work those extra hours to 
finish submitting summer semester grades…
Luckily, I got to sit at work in this lovely combo.  Something about wearing jeans and a t-shirt at work calms the nerves a bit and keeps one from going over the edge.  Barely…JUST BARELY…but enough to keep me from going on a murderous rampage (I’m kidding, I’m kidding…mostly…haha! Laugh with me, people!).
Happy Friday, everyone!  Have a great weekend!
PS:  You will notice I skipped my Day 16 outfit altogether.  I’m scheduled for late work meetings every Thursday from this week until Jesus returns (may or may not be exaggerating a bit…depends when he decides to make His “Second Coming” appearance).  Therefore, I won’t be able to take photos of my Thursday outfits in time for a proper post.  But I promise to either double up in the days to come or simply wear the outfit again down the road, just so you get to see it – for better or for worse.

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