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"August Wardrobe Remix [Day 21 of 31]": The End is Near

Top – Express Short Sleeved Bow Blouse (2004? – can’t remember for sure); Sweater – Ann Taylor Outlet 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan (on clearancesimilar); Pants – Banana Republic Outlet Wool “Ryan Fit” Pants (2009); Belt – Fossil (purchased 2008); Shoes – G.H. Bass & Co. Ankle Boots (2012); Bracelets – Forever21 Faceted Stretch Bracelet Set

For those of you who have been praying for me and my sanity (per yesterday’s post), I want to say THANK YOU!  Your prayers are truly powerful, as I have made it through another stressful day without so much as a mental burp, much less a meltdown.  It’s nice to know I have someone greater than my problems who has my back…and such good friends who will intercede to Him on my behalf.  My mental health is definitely on the mend.

In other (not nearly as important) news, it has come to my attention that clothing discomfort comes in two forms.  First, wearing clothes that are too small could be very uncomfortable (duh!).  That’s almost a given, right?  Well, did you know that wearing clothing (specifically PANTS) that are too BIG could also cause discomfort?

You did?  
Why didn’t you warn me!  

I didn’t know this…until today.  These Banana Republic wool pants are about a full pant size too big on me.  I thought wearing a belt would make it all right…but considering the belt is a tad loose too doesn’t help the situation.  This is what has happened with ALL of the dress pants I own.

Luckily, my month shopping hiatus will come to an end on Saturday, August 31, 2013, which is when my next shopping trip is planned (I have some Tanger Outlet coupons that expire that day).  No, I’m not cheating by shopping the last day of the month…because I started the hiatus three days early anyway.  If anything, I should get extra credit…right?
Considering you’re talking to a shopaholic who 
has been deprived of retail therapy for the past 23 days, 
perhaps it’s best you just nod and agree.

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