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"August Wardrobe Remix [Day 23 of 31]": The Closet Purge

Shirt – Old Navy Plaid Shirt; PantsTommy Hilfiger Company Store Modern Bootcut Dark Wash Jeans (similar); Belt – Fossil (purchased 2008); Shoes – Bare Traps Gretchen Bootie (c/o DSW – find similar HERE); Necklace – Pearl Pendant Necklace (gift)

These photos were taken as both the husband and I were rushing out the door for work.  Why?  Because it’s Thursday, and I will be imprisoned in yet another curriculum development meeting at work – likely until 10pm again tonight.  So if I wanted to post my outfit today, I had to do it before parting ways with my photographer/hubby. 

Thank you, husband! 

For all of my Facebook friends out there, you all know that I posted photos of some of the clothing items I purged from my closet last night.  Officially dubbed “The Closet Purge” (so original), I sent a message to my FB friends that I was giving away these purged items before hauling the rest to the Salvation Army.  I MAY have mentioned I was giving them away for free, not being sure if anyone else would like things I bought.  After all…my taste in clothing is my taste in clothing. 
Lo and behold, four people nabbed about 80% of the items while I was asleep.  Though I’m sure the “free” deal had something to do with that, I want to delude myself into thinking they think I have great taste in clothing.  So please, just let me make-believe I have great taste in clothing.

For those of you out there who have wardrobes chock full of items you have never or barely worn, consider doing a “Closet Purge” and sharing the things that are cluttering up your closet with your family and friends!  From my experience, all those unworn items merely take up closet space and actually detracts from one’s ability to see the cute outfits that could come from said person’s wardrobe.  The more I purge, the easier it becomes to “see” my wardrobe’s true potential.  Plus, you may be able to do a swap for something cute your family member/friend purges from their closet that you love!  It’s just as good as shopping for new things…without having to even open up your wallet!  WIN!

Here is the blog series I use (yes, it’s a continuous process) to build and reassess my wardrobe.  I love this blogger’s step by step approach to the whole wardrobe building process.  Hopefully it will also help you to create a wardrobe you enjoy working with.

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