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"August Wardrobe Remix [Day 24 of 31]": It’s a Beautiful Day at MSU

Shirt – Polo-style Shirt from Korea (gift); PantsGap Boyfriend Rollup Shorts (no long available in this color – other colors); Shoes – adidas Women’s adicross II Golf Shoes (c/o Dick’s Sporting Goods); Hat – Atlanta Braves visor (similar); Glove – FootJoy Women’s WeatherSoft Golf Glove

So obviously, this is not what one thinks of when it comes to an outfit post.  But it’s the weekend…and my husband’s last weekend before his Firm rotation…and he’s been DYING to get a round of golf in this month.  So I succumbed to peer (significant other) pressure and went with him to MSU’s Forest Akers East Golf Course as his golf buddy.  I actually feel bad for him…that he has to resort to making ME his golf buddy because there are so few people in his circle of friends who play golf.  Isn’t the golf course a place where men usually go to ESCAPE from their wives?  I suppose it’s a compliment then…that he wants me to play with him.  So I’ll bear through the painful sunburned aftermath (ouch) and be thankful my husband doesn’t see a need to “escape” from me.

Just as a side note, my golf game has gotten good enough to where my husband thinks we need to get me a new wedge (gap? lob? I dunno).  And just when I thought I had developed a good sense of disdain for the game…he comes out and pulls the “you need a new club” on me.  Darn it…I’m hooked again!

Here are a few more pictures from today’s golf outing…

On the way to the course…obviously, a bit distracted…
Beautiful day…studly husband…what more could a girl ask for?
The gear…the card…and my greatest nemesis (water hazards)…

After a decent day on the course (shot a 113…which at my level of play is fairly passable), we decided to grab dinner out (because the husband had to cover for a friend’s night float shift in the ICU).  While spending the night without the hubby isn’t something I’m all that happy about, this series of unfortunately events led us up to the ultimate highlight of the day.

Go ahead…do a double take…this is forrealz!

We ran into Matt Costello and Gary Harris…MSU Spartan Basketball players…outside of Moe’s Southwest Grill in downtown East Lansing.  Actually, Gary and I nearly knocked car doors because my husband unknowingly parked our car next to his.  As huge (and I mean GINORMOUS) Spartan fans, we were quite happy with our dining selection for the evening.

Hope everyone is also having a stupendous weekend!

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